What are the Perks of a Limited Ingredient Diet for Your Dog?

Limited Ingredients for your dog

What are the Perks of a Limited Ingredient Diet for Your Dog?

Whether it’s your family, friends, or dog for that matter, deciding what to feed them can be daunting. This is because you can’t always make decisions concerning food blindly. You have to know the quantity and most important ingredients in the food. 

It goes without saying that apart from exercising to improve your mental and overall body health, diet plays an integral role in contributing to your overall well being.  

The same goes for your dog. Feeding your dog a healthy diet is of utmost importance. 

Even so, finding the right food for your dog can be overwhelming. This is because the market is thronged with an array of dog food brands, with different recipes and ingredients. This makes it difficult for dog owners to make an informed choice regarding the best dog food for their canine friends. Ultimately, the vast majority of the dogs end up suffering from numerous food-induced conditions.

The good news is that you can always avoid such nutritional risks by feeding your dog with a limited ingredient diet. LID’s such as Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato And Fish dry dog food will not only ensure that your dog is healthy at all times but also ensure that your furry friend is free from diet-related conditions at all times. 

What is a Limited Ingredient Diet?

You probably have heard so much about limited diet ingredients. But what really makes a limited ingredient diet?

Just as the name suggests, this dog diet is food composed of a variety of ingredients in a limited amount. This is unlike the traditional dog foods that would contain a vast array of ingredients that can range from 20 to 30 ingredients. 

A factor that makes the traditional dog diets quite dangerous are the many ingredients that are included in these foods. First off, almost all the names are chemical sounds. This makes it quite difficult for a normal dog owner to fully grasp the meaning of these ingredients and the adverse effects that they may have. 

On the other hand, a limited diet is made of a short, specific list of ingredients that is well suited to serve a given purpose on your dog’s body. Additionally, ingredients on this diet are easy to understand and are always of the highest quality. 

Even better, most, if not all limited ingredient diets, make use of the much converted, yet rare novel proteins and carbohydrates such as rabbit and duck to build up protein levels and sweet potato or green peas to add carbohydrates to the diets. 

What are the Benefits of LIDs for Dogs?

Now that you’ve known what limited ingredient diets are and how they differ from other dog foods, how can your dog benefit from them? And to what extent will they impact the health of your dog? 

Since limited diet foods have few yet purposeful ingredients, you can rest assured that your dog will stay free of any allergies at all times. This is the biggest benefit that your dog can enjoy from limited ingredient diets. 

As mentioned above, unlike LID’s, commercial dog foods are made of different low-quality ingredients. These ingredients are known to pose a high risk to your dog for triggering allergies and sensitivities. 

Basically, limited ingredient diets work by eradicating any potential triggers that may cause your dog to have allergies. After all, the more your dog is exposed to a trigger in the form of ingredients, the more susceptible it is to developing sensitivity.

LID’s, make a perfect meal to use if your dog suffers from any sensitivities. You should always consider using this diet for no less than 12 weeks. At least, all sensitivity is expected to disappear within this period of time.  

Once you are sure that all the sensitivity is eradicated, you can then decide to introduce one sensitivity ingredient at a time. This will go a long way in helping you know which ingredients cause sensitivity to your dog. This will help you feed your dog foods that are free from the ingredients that cause sensitivity to your dog. 

Apart from any risk of food-induced sensitivities, limited ingredient diets can also benefit your dog in other ways, including:

  • Relieve from any digestive upsets
  • Your dog will benefit from the improved nutritional value
  • Relieve from different skin conditions.
  • Limited artificial additives.

Overall, the health of your dog is solely determined by the diet you choose to feed it with. A limited ingredient diet, which is made of nutritious ingredients guarantees your dog a healthy body. This goes a long way in increasing your dog’s lifespan.

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