Can Coronavirus in Dogs Spread to Humans

Can Coronavirus in Dogs Spread to Humans

Can Coronavirus in Dogs Spread to Humans?

The current outbreak of Coronavirus from Wuhan to worldwide now still in high alert, while many scientists are still seeking and learning about the virus, there is small case rise up in Hong Kong, that a pet dog is infected by the Coronavirus. The Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) have made a statement that the dog is tested positive for Coronavirus but it is a weak infection.

On Friday 27th, the AFCD taking the samples of the dog nasal’s and oral cavities, then it came a “weakly positive” for Coronavirus, this means it is the first case of Coronavirus infected a dog anywhere in the world.

Can Coronavirus in Dogs Spread to Humans

Can dogs give you Coronavirus?

Animal pets such as Dogs and Cats do get the Coronavirus, but the viruses are not the same as in this current outbreak worldwide, based on the statement from Hong Kong SPCA’s head Chief Surgeon Veterinary, Jane Gray.

It is strongly suggested by the Hong Kong’s Health Department ministry that all people infected with Coronavirus and having pets at their home must report and quarantine for 14 days. The scientist experts are also giving a statement that Coronavirus from people can infect any animals. But, there are no report from an infected dog can also infect to human. So, the possibility is human to a dog is possible, and it is unlikely from dogs to humans.

So, to prepare for the Coronavirus outbreak wherever you live in, you have to always maintain your health condition, eat vegetables and fruits, add some vitamins such as Vitamin C high doses, and always work out to maintain body fit, also check your body temperature as possible as you can. Until this situation solved or a vaccine comes out to the public, it is best for us to always maintain our body healthily.

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