Labrador Rescue Wisconsin

Labrador Rescue Wisconsin

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Berkeley is a sweet, big yellow Lab. He was found as a stray with a big heart. His transporters nicknamed him the Golden Buffalo, but the vet office calls him the Great Yellow Lab. He was a gentle giant, but he pulled on his leash when something was bothering him. He would benefit from an easy walk harness. You can also help by adopting this dog and finding him a forever home!

You can also search for Labrador dogs in other states. Just click on the state number on the map to see the dogs. If you can’t find Labs in Wisconsin, please visit other Labrador rescue groups in the United States and Canada. You can even help dogs of other breeds! The list is endless! Just be sure to report errors! This website is an excellent resource for finding a dog rescue. You can find groups that help dogs of all breeds in Wisconsin.

TCC inmates help to care for these dogs, which are in need. They learn compassion, patience, and hard work while helping dogs in need. Each handler is assigned a Labrador and they live with the dog for two to eight weeks while they learn basic dog manners. The handlers learn positive reinforcement training techniques to help them bond with their new family members. The dogs benefit from their consistency and love. And they learn to interact with a variety of people, including humans.

Dogs brought to Wisconsin from other states will need a certificate of veterinary inspection or CVI.

CVIs are required to be valid for 30 days and a dog brought into Wisconsin from another state will need one for adoption. Nonprofit animal shelters do not need to be nonprofit organizations to adopt dogs. There are also many opportunities to foster dogs at Labrador Rescue Wisconsin. You can help your new friend get the best care possible. The adoption process is a fun and rewarding experience!

Southfork labs are located in Wisconsin, 30 miles north of Milwaukee. They breed multipurpose dogs and are AKC-registered. They have received orthopedic clearances, adequate socialization, and are exposed to other dogs and domestic activities. The breeder also works with Rescue Me, a worldwide network that helps animals find homes. The adoption process at Southfork is a wonderful experience for both the dog and the adopter.

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