Khaki Beagle

A Khaki Beagle Pug For Sale

The Khaki Beagle is a beautiful breed of dog with less typical beagle traits. This dog is also sometimes called Blue Fawn or NC-Cracker Jacks. Read on to learn more about this breed and how it compares to other beagle colors. Then decide whether this is the beagle for you! Regardless of whether you choose a male or female, you’re sure to love this handsome canine!

The Khaki Beagle’s coat is mostly black, with a white nose muzzle. As it matures, it will acquire a brown coat and white markings. The white on the head and tail gradually fades away. However, a tan-colored beagle can be found, but this is rarer than a black-and-white dog. Although the yellow patches are quite attractive, they don’t look like much of a distraction!

This breed is very smart, allowing it to detect small objects. Its ears are big and floppy. This type of beagle has a great sense of smell, which made it an essential tool for Elizabethan England’s rabbit hunters. Once firearms came to England, beagles continued to prove their worth as hunters. Their innate sense of smell enabled them to scent game birds even deep in the brush, which was difficult for other breeds. Today, the breed is a champion in work, therapy dogs, and companions to families all over the world.

AKC recognizes several colors of the Beagle.

Some of these colors are too rare to be standard in the breed and pose health risks. Other colors, however, have been bred to be consistent, making it impossible to breed purebred Beagles. Khaki Beagles are especially rare and may be mistaken for blue ticks or Dachshunds. In either case, you should know that you’re dealing with a rare breed.

BTTR had 2 Pocket Beagle puppies in 2020. They were born in an accident litter, and their original families purchased them from an Olde English Pocket Beagle Breeder. Tucker is 9 lbs and suffers from a neurological condition, which may be caused by a genetic abnormality related to his size or birth defect. Tyson, on the other hand, is 18 pounds and is prone to an underbite.

Another standard color of the Beagle is black, tan, and white Tri-Color. This coat color has tan on its face and black on its body, with white patches in the ears and on the chest. A tri-color Beagle also has black fur. These are great for hunters who need a hound with a distinctive look. In addition to the black and white tri-color, this breed also comes in chocolate and fawn and is known as the Black Tan and Bluetick.

The Khaki Beagle is a smart breed that bonds well with children.

Unlike other breeds, the Beagle sheds less than other dogs. If left alone, they will scratch, dig and how to keep themselves entertained. If you have small children, be prepared for some loud and rambunctious behavior, and keep your distance. Be careful when leaving your new dog unsupervised around children. You might even end up getting tired of hearing them bark!

AKC does not recognize lavender as an official color. The color is a variation of blue, tan, and brown. Lilac and lavender are more common names for this breed, but they are not recognized by the AKC. If you find a Khaki Beagle in your area, you can find it for sale on Craigslist. This breed can be purchased for a mere $10. There are many Khaki Beagle breeders and rescue groups in the country.

Beagles need daily exercise and interaction with children. Children must be taught how to interact safely with small dogs. Keep in mind that they can become destructive when left alone. Remember that they can destroy your house decor if left alone. Be sure to exercise your new companion every day and keep a close eye on them. Khaki Beagles are also great for apartment dwellers! They need daily walks and exercise and can be crate-trained for indoor use.