Johnston’s Beagle Farm

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Johnston's Beagle Farm

Johnston’s Beagle Farm

If you’re looking for a new family pet, consider visiting Johnston’s Beagle Farm. Owner Glen Johnston started his journey with beagles at an early age and never looked back. His family’s kennel, which has been in business for almost 25 years, breeds beagle puppies and provides them with the care they need to be successful. This is a great place to find a companion for you or your children, and they even help with pet passport applications.

Beagles are great for the entire family, and many beagle breeders choose to breed their beagles indoors. These dogs thrive in an indoor, homely environment and love to be near their humans. Beagles are not the loudest dogs, but they have three vocalizations to communicate. The “half-baying howl” is a hybrid of a bark and a baying howl and is commonly heard when Beagles wake up.

The origin of the Beagle is as uncertain as its name. The word ‘beag’ is thought to come from the Old English word ‘beag’, meaning small. Other words that have a similar meaning are bugler and beguile, which mean open throat. It is unclear when the Beagle originated, but it is believed that it was the work of Reverend Phillip Honeywood, a hunter in Essex, during the mid-eighteenth century. These dogs focused on hunting skills and were bred to hunt rabbits and small game.

Beagles require obedience training.

Train your beagle using positive reinforcement and treats. Because Beagles are high-energy dogs, you may have to take them for a walk or jog. If you have an outdoor space, take your beagle rabbit hunting. But wait until your beagle is eighteen months old before taking it outside for exercise. Make sure to take your new dog on a long walk before taking it to a field.

You can reserve a Beagle puppy from Johnston’s Beagle Farm by paying a reservation fee. Once you’ve made your reservation, the breeders will begin mating the parent dogs. Once they’re ready, you can take the puppies home. Purebred puppies always cost more than mixed breeds. However, you can rest assured that your puppy will be a true Beagle – a purebred with the exact gene pool that characterized its lineage.


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