Keep Your Pet Safe: The Importance of Dog Tags

Keep Your Pet Safe The Importance of Dog Tags

We know how much you love your furry friend. But do you know the best way to keep them safe?

People seem to know dog tags are important. But only about 33 percent of dog owners report that their animals wear dog tags! It might not seem like much, but dog tags are more critical than you might think. 

These tags are your first line of defense if your buddy goes missing. Every responsible dog owner should make sure that their dog has good quality, up-to-date tags to ensure they can return home safely.

Here’s why dog tags are so important:

Dogs are More Likely to be Returned Home

If your buddy runs off or escapes the back yard, the first thing someone will look for is an ID tag. Ensuring that your pup has a dog tag is the cheapest and easiest way for a stranger to contact you.

Microchips are essential too. They are a way that a vet or shelter can find information about your dog. But, good dog tags are the fastest way for a person to get ahold of you should your dog get out.

When your dog is fitted with a collar and information, it could keep them from going to a shelter unnecessarily.

Tags Make Dogs More Approachable

If someone finds a loose dog, they feel more approachable when wearing a dog collar with a tag. Stray animals can be dangerous, so people will take precautions around them. With a tag, the dog appears as a pet with a home rather than a stray animal. 

The dog tag indicates that the furry friend is lost and may need some help returning home. The dog tag should always include the pet’s name! This will help strangers to comfort your dog as they approach them.

Tags Provide Pet Health Information

Dog tags should provide more information than just the dog’s name and their human’s contact information. The dog tags should also include important medical information. 

Tags should provide health information like pet allergies, necessary medications, or disabilities. This is essential to people who help your dog. It allows them to be sensitive and aware of any assistance your pal might require.

It is a great idea to include proof of rabies vaccination as well. Some states even require it. Make sure to keep your pet’s vaccination information up-to-date as well.

Dog Tags Are Worth the Investment

Now you know why dog tags are so important in keeping your animal safe from harm. It is the cheapest and most effective way to ensure your furry pup is returned safely home.

But what do you need to include on your dog’s collar? Engrave the tag with important information, including your pet’s name, contact information, dog’s medical information, and microchip details.

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