Puppy Spa Day: How Much Does a Dog Groomer Cost?

How Much Does a Dog Groomer Cost

Taking your dog to the dog groomer is like treating them to their very own spa day. It’s a time for them to relax and get pampered to return home feeling there best. But, before you take your dog to the groomer, you need to think about how much a grooming visit will cost and what’s included in the price of your pet’s visit.

Below you’re going to find a brief guide that gives you insight into the cost and lets you know what you can expect from your visit. Don’t be afraid we won’t bark at you. Continue reading now for everything you need to know.

Cost of Dog Grooming

The cost of dog grooming can vary widely depending on the area you live in and the services you’ve selected to have performed on your pet. Another factor that may change the price of your pet being groomed is the breed of the dog and the size.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $40-$75 when it comes to your pets grooming visit. Now that you’ve got an idea of the cost, let’s fill you in on what can be included in that dog grooming cost.


This is a given that your dog will be given a bath during their grooming visit. Typically, when your dog receives a bath, they will be bathed in anti-flea as well as anti-tick medication.

This will help protect your dog from fleas and ticks, especially when playing outside of your home. If your dog has dry skin, you can always ask the groomers to use a shampoo or conditioner that will help to restore moisture to your dog’s skin.

Teeth Brushing

This is an optional service that you can add to your pets grooming visit, but it’s worth it if your dog has bad breath. Besides, having the groomers look over your pet’s teeth will ensure that they don’t have any gum or tooth diseases that can affect them adversely in the future.

Noticing gum and tooth diseases is just one of the benefits of having a professional dog groomer to groom your pet.

Anal Gland Expressing

Have you ever watched your dog scoot their behind across the ground or floor? Well, your pet is trying to express their anal glands, and doing so can be a messy and smelly job.

That’s why it’s something that you’ll want to have the pet groomers do instead of doing it yourself. Your pet will get much-needed relief, and you won’t have to watch them painfully drag their butt across the ground.

Dog Groomer: Things You Need to Know

As we stated, when it comes to taking your dog to a dog groomer, the cost of the visit will change depending on several factors. But, there are some things that you can expect from the visit, such as teeth brushing.

Now that you’ve got a better idea od what to expect from a dog grooming visit, you can check out some of the other posts on our site. We’re sure you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy reading.

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