Heaviest Rottweilers 

Heaviest Rottweilers Around the World

Heaviest Rottweilers 

The Heaviest and Most Massive Rottweilers Around the World

PETSIDI – The Rottweiler is a large, powerful, and muscular dog breed that originated in Germany. While the average Rottweiler weighs between 80-135 pounds, some exceptional specimens have reached truly monstrous sizes of over 200 pounds!

These colossal, mammoth Rottweilers are a sight to behold with their imposing, hulking frames. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest, heaviest, and most enormous Rottweilers around the world:

Hercules – The Largest Heaviest Rottweiler Ever

The Guinness Book of World Records has named a Rottweiler called Hercules as the heaviest and largest Rottweiler on record.

Hercules was owned by a family in the UK and weighed a whopping, monstrous 328 pounds! He measured over 7 feet in length and stood towering and looming at 41 inches tall.

To put Hercules’ sheer size into perspective, the average male Rottweiler weighs around 110 pounds and stands 24-27 inches tall. Hercules was nearly three times larger than a regular Rottweiler!

At his peak weight, Hercules was wider than most doorways and took up an entire king-sized mattress when he slept. His owners had to customize a special diet of raw meat, bones, vegetables, fruits, and supplements to sustain his enormous size.

Despite his intimidating appearance, Hercules was known as a gentle giant who loved pleasing crowds. He toured the UK for charity events until passing away in 2009 at the age of 8.

Zeus – The Giant Show Rottweiler

Zeus was a famous Rottweiler who held the Guinness record for the world’s heaviest dog from 2009-2011 after Hercules’ passing.

Weighing in at a staggering 315 pounds, Zeus was a regular attraction at dog shows across the Midwest. He could reputedly pull over 5000 pounds on a dogcart!

At over 6 feet tall on his hind legs, Zeus cut an imposing figure. But his owners described him as a friendly gentle giant despite his intimidating, hulking size.

Zeus later lost his Guinness record to another massive Rottweiler called Olli. But he remains one of the largest, heaviest, and most famous Rottweilers due to his show career.

Olli – The New Heaviest Rottweiler

In 2011, a Rottweiler named Olli was officially named the new heaviest Rottweiler by Guinness, weighing in at 328 pounds.

Olli lived in Virginia with his owner Tara Gregg, who runs a dog supply business. She had always been drawn to big, oversized dogs and was excited to meet Olli.

At just 18 months old, Olli already weighed a whopping 180 pounds and was growing into a giant. Tara put him on a special diet to fuel his enormous size.

By the time he turned 2, Olli officially broke the scales at 328 pounds – surpassing Hercules’ former record. While quite heavyset, Olli loved playing and swimming like any dog.

Maximus – The Muscular Monster Rottweiler

A UK Rottweiler named Maximus went viral a few years ago for his extreme, hulking physique.

While Maximus weighs around 159 pounds – by no means small – his ripped, muscular build makes him look like a canine bodybuilder!

Maximus’ massive, bulging muscles and macho stature struck awe and fear in viewers around the world when his photos circulated online.

Many could not believe a dog could become so freakishly muscular without steroids. But his owner insists it’s all raw food and exercise that built Maximus’ formidable, intimidating frame.

Though he looks scary, Maximus is a calm, friendly dog according to his owner. He just happens to be extremely sturdy and built!

Rocky – The Towering Rottweiler

A Rottweiler named Rocky went viral in 2018 for his enormous, hulking size. At over 7 feet tall on his hind legs, he towers over most people!

Rocky lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and weighs around 195 colossal pounds. He stands about 41 beastly inches at the shoulder.

While not the absolute heaviest Rottweiler, Rocky’s staggering height makes him look even more monstrous and colossal in person and in photos.

Rocky quickly gained online fame as the “World’s Tallest Rottweiler” once photos of him standing and towering over his owner surfaced.

He enjoys long walks around the neighborhood where he never fails to stop traffic with his astounding, cyclopean size.

Bruno – The Longest Rottweiler

While height and weight are common metrics for massive Rottweilers, some giants are famous for their length.

One such Rottweiler is Bruno, owned by the Berardi family of Pennsylvania. At nearly 8 feet long from nose to tail, Bruno holds the record for the longest Rottweiler!

The colossal canine shot to fame in 2013 after a video showed him taking up most of the family’s living room floor. Laid out flat, he looked more like a bear rug than a dog!

Despite some media sensationalism about his freakish proportions, Bruno is a healthy, happy, and active Rottweiler who is simply extra long.

He takes extra effort to transport and fit into vehicles, but the Berardi family loves their elongated gentle giant.

Samson – The Bulky Beast

Samson is owned by Richard and Christine Hannan in Massachusetts. Though “only” 175 pounds, his owners describe him as a dense, bulky powerhouse.

Despite being shorter than many giant Rottweilers at 36 burly inches tall, Samson is built like a blocky bodybuilder with hefty bone structure and stout muscles.

At 175 pounds, he’s estimated to be over 50% muscle mass. His stocky, bulky physique makes him look like a canine sumo wrestler!

Samson’s hefty proportions earned him fame online as an example of just how husky and heavyset Rottweilers can get.

Though imposing and intimidating at first glance, his owners say Samson is a gentle behemoth who loves people and squeaky toys.

Kong – The Behemothic Rottweiler

Aptly named Kong, this South African Rottweiler weighs in at a whopping 205 pounds of sheer brawn and muscle.

At 37 beastly inches tall and over 6 feet on his hind legs, Kong makes even the largest humans look petite in comparison.

His towering, hulking physique and bulky head are enough to make most people instantly think “King Kong”!

Pictures of people posing next to Kong emphasize his enormous, mammoth proportions. He is a prime specimen of Rottweiler gigantism.

Despite some debate over whether Kong is healthy at his size, his veterinarian claims he is fine other than minor joint issues.

Kong enjoys swimming, walks, and family time at home. He is proof Rottweilers can reach truly monstrous dimensions.

The World’s Current Heaviest Rottweilers

While Rottweilers like Hercules and Olli remain household names for their Guinness records, the title of “world’s heaviest Rottweiler” is constantly changing.

Here are some of the top contenders for the heaviest Rottweiler today based on claimed weights:

Name Reported Weight
Bocephus 341 lbs
Oberon 322 lbs
Brutus 308 lbs
Chaos 305 lbs
Bear 298

Hercules The Largest Heaviest Rottweiler Ever

What Makes Rottweilers So Big?

Seeing these colossal, towering Rottweilers over 200 pounds makes you wonder – what exactly makes them grow so enormous and heavyset?

Several key factors contribute to Rottweilers reaching such mammoth proportions:


Like most dog breeds, genetics play a major role in determining Rottweiler size. Responsible breeders select sires and dams with ideal conformation and large frames to pass down to offspring.

Purebred Rottweilers from proven mega-sized bloodlines are most likely to hit behemoth sizes, provided their environment supports optimal growth.


Male Rottweilers tend to be significantly larger than females on average. Males can reach over 135 pounds, while females top out around 100 pounds typically.

For the biggest and heaviest Rottweilers over 200 pounds, the majority tend to be males. Their natural hormones contribute to increased growth and muscle mass.

Early Nutrition

The right nutrition in early development stages leads to bigger adult Rottweilers. Puppies need high-quality proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals to reach their full genetic potential.

Feeding a growth formula dog food with 30% protein and 20% fat encourages heavyset pups to grow into strapping adults.


Neutered male Rottweilers tend to be smaller than intact males. The lack of testosterone prevents them from developing as broad and muscled.

Most monstrous 200-pound+ Rottweilers are intact males with natural hormones helping power their bulky growth.

Raw Diet

A species-appropriate raw diet with elements like meat, organ meat, and raw bones provides the protein and nutrients for a huge size.

Many record-breaking giant Rottweilers ate raw food to fuel their massive frames. The Berardis credit raw feeding for growing their elongated Rottweiler Bruno.


Proper exercise helps strengthen muscles and joint health to support massive Rottweilers. Swimming, walks, play, and training prevent obesity and injuries.

Gentle exercise like walking even improves cardiopulmonary health for oversized Rottweilers carrying more body weight.

Veterinary Care

Responsible owners provide proper veterinary care to ensure giant Rottweilers grow healthy and strong. Things like vaccines, deworming, and joint supplements are crucial.

Monthly weigh-ins help monitor weight gain. X-rays screen for joint issues. Bloodwork tracks thyroid and other health markers.

With the right mix of these factors, Rottweilers can reach epic proportions over 200+ pounds! But it takes dedication and care from responsible owners.

The Worlds Current Heaviest Rottweilers

Are Giant Rottweilers Unhealthy?

Seeing Rottweilers like Hercules and Kong over 300 pounds inevitably raises concerns – are dogs that big unhealthy or suffering?

There is legitimate controversy around breeding oversized dogs. Critics consider it unethical and detrimental. But what does science say about giant Rottweilers?

The Health Risks

There are certainly increased health risks that come with extreme Rottweiler size:

  • Joint Problems – Excess weight strains hips and elbows, increasing arthritis.
  • Cardiac Issues – The heart has to work harder pumping blood/oxygen to all that body mass.
  • Overheating – It’s harder for giant dogs to cool down and regulate temperature.
  • Breathing Issues – Bulky chests and tissues can obstruct airways.
  • Bone Deformities – Fast-growing puppy bones may become misshapen.
  • Bloat – Large, deep chests increase bloat risk.
  • Life Expectancy – Oversized dogs tend to have shorter lifespans on average.

So there are certainly valid reasons to be concerned about Rottweilers reaching such colossal proportions. Responsible breeding and ownership are crucial.

Responsible Ownership

But while their immense size presents challenges, many titanic Rottweilers live full, healthy lives with caring owners.

Steps like professional veterinary monitoring, controlled feeding, daily exercise, and joint supplements help mitigate risks.

A UK study of Labradors found larger-framed dogs live as long as smaller peers if obesity is minimized. Muscle helps support frame weight.

So while their size requires vigilance, it does not guarantee illness. With knowledgeable owners, even behemothic Rottweilers can thrive.

Ethical Controversy

There is however real debate around purposely breeding for oversized dogs. Critics believe it unnecessarily amplifies certain health risks for aesthetic reasons.

Others counter that genetic diversity is important, including large stature as an ancestral Rottweiler trait.

There are valid ethical points on both sides. The issue invites increased dialogue between breeders, veterinarians, and owners to promote health.

In general, science indicates giant Rottweilers can live full lives but require greater care and diligence as their size presents heightened challenges. Responsible ownership is key.

Caring for Massive Rottweilers

So what are some special considerations when caring for a ginormous Rottweiler over 200 pounds? Their sheer bulk presents unique needs.

Here are some tips for meeting the needs of a colossal Rottweiler:


  • Feed a high-protein, high-fat kibble for large breeds like Holistic Health Extension.
  • Supplement with digestive enzymes to ease digestion.
  • Use a slow feeder dish to prevent bloating.
  • Provide probiotics for gut health.
  • Include joint supplements with glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Offer low-sodium raw meaty bones 2-3 times a week.
  • Customize portion sizes to maintain optimal weight.


  • Walk daily using a front-attach harness to avoid neck strain.
  • Provide pools or lakes for swimming workouts.
  • Play gentle fetch and tug games.
  • Set ramps or steps for car access to reduce joint stress.
  • Massage and stretch legs before and after walks.
  • Avoid high-impact activities that can damage joints.

Veterinary Care

  • Monthly weight checks to monitor size.
  • X-rays of joints for signs of dysplasia.
  • Cardiology exams to check heart function.
  • Thyroid tests to check metabolic health.
  • Preventatives like flea/tick and heartworm medication.
  • Dental cleanings to reduce bacteria.


  • Use large nail clippers suited for thick nails.
  • Invest in an extra-long dog brush suited for a big coat.
  • Upgrade to an oversized dog bed (or two!).
  • Get a large crate with plenty of room to move.
  • Use extra-strength odor neutralizers.
  • Install ramps/steps for furniture access.

Proper diet, exercise, veterinary care, grooming, facilities, and patience help keep giant Rottweilers healthy and happy!

Remarkable Real Giant Rottweilers

To wrap up, let’s look at a few more remarkable real-life giant Rottweilers that will amaze you with their sheer enormity:


Towering at 44 inches tall and 174 pounds, this looming British Rottweiler looks ready to join the Queen’s Guard with his imposing figure!


This aptly named behemoth lives in Chicago and weighs in at a reported 305 pounds. He loves showing off his signature puffy jowls.


Massive, muscular, and macho, this American Rottweiler became hugely popular on Instagram showing off his ripped 162 pounds of pure power.

Princess Sophie

A rare giant female Rottweiler, this English darling weighs around 180 pounds of cuddly fabulousness. She loves playing dress up with floral hats.

Bam Bam

At a bulky 180 pounds, this Australian Rottweiler is built like a tank. His favorite pastime is carting around entire tree trunks as if they were twigs.


This aptly named bruiser lives in Canada and tips the scales at 210 pounds of solid muscle. He can reportedly deadlift 400 pounds.


Named after a Greek god, this stately canine weighs 176 pounds and stands 41 beastly inches tall. He tours as a therapy dog spreading goodwill.

The Bottom Line on Giant Rottweilers

While individual giant Rottweilers can be fit and healthy, purposefully breeding for ever-increasing size raises valid welfare concerns.

There are sound arguments for celebrating Rottweiler diversity, including occasional oversized specimens. But intentionally amplifying certain traits to extremes for spectacle or profit alone invites increased skepticism.

Rottweiler clubs emphasize that functionality, health, and temperament – not sheer bulk alone – should be the top priorities. Record-breaking size is not the definitive measure of quality.

With conscientious breeding, ownership, and veterinary care, some oversized Rottweilers can thrive. But their outsized proportions require extra vigilance and responsibility.

At the end of the day, giant Rottweilers capture our imagination. But the dogs themselves deserve to be treated first and foremost as living beings, not just record-breaking showpieces. Their well-being and dignity should remain top of mind.