Golden Doodle Pups

Golden Doodle Pups – A Complete Guide

Golden Doodle Pups are one of the most beloved dog breeds today. Created by crossing a Golden Retriever and Poodle, these pups boast an endearing friendly nature, low-shedding coat, and high intelligence. If you’re thinking about adding one to your family, it’s essential to understand what makes them special and how best to care for them. In this article, we will provide an in-depth guide for Golden Doodle Pup owners.

Discover the Evolution of Golden Doodle Pups

The Golden Doodle, commonly referred to as a Goldendoodle, is an offspring of a Golden Retriever and Poodle crossbreed. This breed was initially created in America during the 1990s to produce a hypoallergenic guide dog suitable for people with allergies.

In the 1980s, crossbreeding Golden Retrievers and Poodles became increasingly popular, culminating in the development of the Labradoodle. This crossbreed was initially intended to be a hypoallergenic guide dog but quickly gained notoriety among breeders looking for similar traits.

In 1992, Monica Dickens of Standard Poodle Breeders created the first known litter of Golden Doodle pups. One pup was given to a blind woman in Hawaii who was searching for a hypoallergenic guide dog.

Since then, Golden Doodle Pups have seen unprecedented growth in popularity – now one of the world’s most beloved crossbreeds. People seek them out for their friendly nature and low shedding coat that makes them suitable for people with allergies.

Golden Doodle Pups have become increasingly popular, yet their breeding remains controversial among dog enthusiasts. Some argue that crossbreeding is unethical and it’s best to stick with purebred dogs; on the other hand, some contend that crossbreeding can be beneficial since it helps eliminate genetic health problems common to purebred dogs.

No matter the controversy, Golden Doodle Pups remain a popular choice for families and individuals due to their friendly disposition, low-shedding coat, and adaptability in various living situations.

Golden Doodle Puppies: Characteristics and Appearance

Golden Doodle

Golden Doodle Puppies are renowned for their distinct appearance and endearing personality. Created through crossbreeding a Golden Retriever with a Poodle, these pups possess an uncommon combination of traits.

  • Golden Doodle Pups stand out due to their coat.
    They have a curly or wavy coat that comes in various colors such as gold, cream, apricot, and red. Plus, their fur is low-shedding which makes them ideal for people with allergies.
  • Golden Doodle Puppies are renowned for their friendly and social natures.
    They possess intelligence, eagerness to please, and loyalty – making them excellent family pets.
  • Another characteristic of Golden Doodle Pups is their energy level.
    As active breeds, they require regular exercise and playtime. They enjoy playing fetch, going for walks, and running around in the yard.
  • The sizes of Golden Doodle Pups vary based on their parent breed.
    Miniature versions can weigh as little as 15 pounds, while standard Golden Doodles may reach 90 pounds in weight.

Golden Doodle Pups are an endearing and delightful breed that makes ideal pets for both families and individuals. Their distinctive combination of appearance and characteristics has made them a popular choice among dog breeders everywhere.

Different Types of Golden Doodle Puppies

Miniature Golden Doodle

There are three primary varieties of Golden Doodle puppies, each with its distinctive traits: Standard Golden Doodle, Miniature Golden Doodle, and Toy Golden Doodle.

The Standard Golden Doodle is the largest of the three breeds, weighing between 50 and 90 pounds. They stand at an impressive 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder. This type of Golden Doodle has a gentle nature and an endearing personality; they make excellent companions for children.

The Miniature Golden Doodle, as its name suggests, is smaller than its larger counterpart. They typically weigh 15 to 45 pounds and stand between 14-17 inches at the shoulder. This breed of Golden Doodle may be preferred by those living in apartments or smaller homes since they need less room to move around. They are also known for being playful and energetic.

The Toy Golden Doodle is the smallest type, weighing between 6-20 pounds and standing 10-14 inches at the shoulder. They often get referred to as “teacup” Golden Doodles and make great pets for those seeking something small yet adorable. Plus, these friendly little creatures often display lots of affection toward their owners!

It’s essential to note that each type of Golden Doodle has its distinct traits, yet all share a friendly and social personality which makes them popular pets. When selecting which breed to get, factors like living space, lifestyle, and personal preference should all be taken into consideration.

Personality Traits and Temperament of Golden Doodle Pups

Temperament of Golden Doodle

Goldendoodle puppies possess a sweet temperament.

Golden Doodle Pups are known for their outgoing and affectionate personalities. This breed was created through a crossbreed between two highly social breeds – the Golden Retriever and Poodle. Here are some of their personality traits and temperaments:

  • Intelligent and Easy to Train:
    Golden Doodle Pups are intelligent dogs with quick learning abilities. They respond well to positive reinforcement training methods and enjoy pleasing their owners.
  • Loyal and Affectionate:
    Golden Doodle Pups are renowned for their loyalty and affection towards their owners. They thrive off human company, enjoying cuddling and playing with family members.
  • Playful and Energetic:
    Golden Doodle Pups are energetic and playful creatures who enjoy playing and running around. To keep them contented and healthy, regular exercise and playtime are necessary for their well-being.
  • Gentle and Patient:
    Golden Doodle Pups possess a gentle and patient nature, making them an excellent choice for families with children. Generally tolerant towards them, these pups have earned the reputation of being great with children.
  • Social and Friendly:
    Golden Doodle Pups are highly social dogs who enjoy meeting new people and animals. Generally, they do not show aggression toward other dogs or animals, often being described as “people pleasers.”
  • Alert and Protective:
    Golden Doodle Puppies tend not to be aggressive, but they do show loyalty by barking to alert their owners of any potential danger.

Overall, Golden Doodle Pups possess an endearing personality and temperament which make them a great choice for families and individuals seeking a friendly, social, and loyal companion.

Training and Exercise Requirements for Golden Doodle Puppies

Training Golden Doodle

Goldendoodle puppies require the following levels of training and exercise to stay in peak condition.

Golden Doodle Pups are intelligent and energetic dogs that require regular physical and mental stimulation to stay physically and mentally healthy. Furthermore, they require consistent training to develop good behavior and social skills. Here are some training and exercise requirements for Golden Doodle Pups:


  • Positive Reinforcement:
    Golden Doodle Pups respond well to positive reinforcement training methods like praise, treats, and playtime. Harsh techniques should be avoided as they may instill fear and anxiety in the dog.
  • Socialization:
    Golden Doodle Pups should begin socialization from an early age to foster good behavior and social skills. This involves exposing them to different people, animals, and environments.
  • Obedience Training:
    Golden Doodle Pups should be taught the fundamental obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel. Doing this will help them become well-behaved and obedient dogs.
  • Crate Training:
    Crate training your Golden Doodle Pups can help them feel secure and safe, while also helping prevent destructive behavior when left alone.


  • Daily Walks for Golden Doodle Pups
    Golden Doodle puppies require at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day, such as taking brisk walks or jogging. Doing this helps them maintain their physical health and prevent obesity.
  • Playtime:
    Golden Doodle Pups love to play and require plenty of opportunities for mental stimulation. This could include games such as fetch, tug-of-war, or other interactive exercises.
  • Off-leash Exercise:
    Golden Doodle Pups enjoy off-leash exercise, such as playing in a fenced-in yard or going to a dog park. This allows them to socialize with other dogs and burn off excess energy.
  • Mental Stimulation:
    Golden Doodle Pups are highly intelligent dogs who require mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. This could include puzzle toys, obedience training, and interactive playtime with you as the pup.

Overall, Golden Doodle Pups require consistent training and exercise to remain contented, healthy, and well-behaved. Owners should provide them with plenty of physical and mental stimulation for them to flourish.

Grooming Needs of Golden Doodle Pups

Grooming Golden Doodle

Goldendoodle puppies require regular brushing and trimming to remain beautiful and fluffy.

Golden Doodle Pups have a curly, non-shedding coat that requires regular grooming to prevent matting or tangling. Here are some grooming needs for Golden Doodle Pups:

  • Brushing:
    Golden Doodle Pups require daily brushing to prevent matting or tangling of their fur. A slicker brush or comb can be used to loosen loose hair and prevent mats from forming; these typically cost $10-20 and come in handy when brushing.
  • Bathing:
    Golden Doodle Pups should be bathed every 4-6 weeks to keep their fur clean and glossy. A gentle dog shampoo should be used on them to avoid skin irritation; costs for these typically range between $5-15.
  • Haircuts:
    Golden Doodle Puppies require regular haircuts to maintain their coat length and prevent matting. A professional groomer should be used for these services; prices for haircuts range between $50-$100 depending on location and complexity.
  • Ear Cleaning:
    Golden Doodle Pups are prone to ear infections, so their ears should be cleaned weekly with a gentle ear cleaner. Prices for this service typically range between $5 and $15.
  • Nail Trimming:
    Golden Doodle Pups should have their nails trimmed every 4-6 weeks to prevent overgrowth and discomfort. A professional groomer or veterinarian can perform this service, which usually costs between $10-$30.
  • Teeth Cleaning:
    Golden Doodle Pups should have their teeth professionally cleaned regularly to prevent dental problems. This can be done at home with a dog toothbrush and toothpaste, or by an experienced groomer or veterinarian. Typically, professional teeth cleaning costs between $100-$300.

Overall, Golden Doodle Pups require regular grooming appointments and invest in quality tools to maintain their coat at home. Groomers should budget for these expenses to keep their pup healthy and contented.

Health Issues Common in Golden Doodle Puppies

Golden Doodle Health

Golden Doodle Pups tend to be healthy dogs, but like all breeds, they can develop certain health issues. Common health concerns among Golden Doodle puppies include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and skin allergies. To minimize the risk of inheritance of these issues you must purchase your pup from a reliable breeder who conducts health screenings on all breeding dogs. Here are some common health issues seen in Golden Doodle puppies:

  • Hip Dysplasia:
    Hip dysplasia is an inherited genetic condition in which the hip joint fails to develop normally, leading to arthritis and pain. Surgery for this condition can range in cost from $1,500 up to $7,500.
  • Ear Infections:
    Golden Doodle Pups are particularly susceptible to ear infections due to their droopy ears and fur that can trap moisture and debris. Treatment for an ear infection can range in cost from $100-$500.
  • Eye Issues:
    Golden Doodle Pups can develop eye issues such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy. Treatment for these conditions may cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.
  • Allergies:
    Golden Doodle Pups can develop allergies to food, pollen, or other environmental elements. Testing and treatment for allergies can range in cost from $200-$1,000.
  • Hypothyroidism:
    Hypothyroidism is a disorder in which the thyroid gland fails to produce enough hormones, leading to weight gain, lethargy, and skin issues. Treatment for hypothyroidism can range in cost from $50 per month up to $200 monthly.
  • Cancer:
    Golden Doodle Pups can develop various types of cancer, such as lymphoma or mast cell tumors. Treatment costs for cancer can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 or more depending on its stage and type.

It’s essential to note that not all Golden Doodle Pups will experience these health issues, but owners should be aware of them and take their dogs for regular veterinary check-ups to detect any potential issues early. Insuring your pup with pet insurance can also help ease the financial strain of unexpected vet bills.

Feeding and Nutrition for Golden Doodle Pups

Golden Doodle Food

Golden Doodle Puppies require a balanced and nutritious diet to promote their growth and development. It is recommended to feed them high-quality dog food that contains an appropriate balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The amount and frequency of feedings should depend on the age, size, and activity level of your pup.

Nutrition and feeding your Golden Doodle Pup are essential to keep them healthy and content. Here are some important points to take into account:

  • Age:
    Puppies require different nutrition than adult dogs. Golden Doodle Pups should be fed premium puppy food until they reach one year of age.
  • Protein:
    Golden Doodle Pups require high-quality protein to fuel their growth and development. Look for a puppy food that contains at least 25% protein content.
  • Fat:
    Fat is an important source of energy for dogs; Golden Doodle Pups should be fed food that contains at least 15% fat content.
  • Carbohydrates:
    Carbohydrates provide energy and fiber. Look for foods that contain whole grains like brown rice or oats.
  • Vitamins and Minerals:
    Golden Doodle Pups require a balance of vitamins and minerals to support their growth and development. Look for puppy food that includes various fruits and vegetables.

When selecting puppy food, it’s essential to read the label and ingredients carefully. Look for foods that list a high-quality protein source (like chicken, beef, or fish) as their first ingredient. Avoid those containing fillers like corn or wheat.

Here is a comparison table of some popular puppy food brands and their prices:

Brand Price (per pound)
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice $2.3
Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Chicken and Rice $1.5
Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Chicken Meal and Barley Recipe $1.9
Nutro Wholesome Essentials Puppy Farm-Raised Chicken, Brown Rice, and Sweet Potato Recipe $2.4
Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe $4.5

It’s essential to note that prices listed here may change depending on where you shop or your pup. Always read labels carefully and look into ingredients before choosing which food to feed your Golden Doodle Pup. Moreover, make sure your pup always has plenty of fresh water available at all times.

Adopt Golden Doodle Pups: How To Adopt Golden Retriever Puppies?

Adopting a Golden Doodle pup can be an amazing decision for any dog lover. Not only are these dogs adorable and playful, but they also possess an amiable and loyal demeanor. If you’re thinking about adopting one of these beloved canines, here’s what to know:

  • Research Before Adopting a Golden Doodle pup, do your research.
    Learn about the breed’s temperament, grooming requirements, exercise needs, and any health issues that may be common. Additionally, research the breeder or adoption agency from which you plan to adopt to ensure they have an excellent reputation and practice ethical breeding practices.
  • Once you have done your due diligence, begin searching for a trustworthy breeder or adoption agency.
    Ask friends and family for recommendations, search online, visit local pet stores or dog shows, etc. When selecting a breeder or agency, be sure to inquire about their breeding practices, health testing procedures, as well as the temperament of the puppies.
  • Meet the Puppy and Its Parents.
    If you’re adopting from a breeder, ask to meet both the puppy and its parents. This will give you an idea of what the pup may look like as an adult and their temperament. Meeting both sets of parents also gives insight into any health issues that are common within that breed.
  • Health Screening.
    Make sure the puppy you adopt has undergone health screening. Request copies of both the puppy’s and parents’ health certificates to guarantee you’re adopting a healthy pup with no hereditary health issues. Doing this helps guarantee you’re adopting an immune-system-boosting pup that won’t develop any hereditary issues during its lifetime.
  • Adoption Fees and Paperwork
    Adoption fees for Golden Doodle pups vary depending on the breeder or adoption agency but usually include vaccinations, deworming, and a health check-up. Make sure to ask for an exact breakdown of all costs involved with adopting your Golden Doodle puppy. You will also need to fill out paperwork and sign a contract to finalize the process.
  • Prepare your home.
    Before bringing your Golden Doodle pup home, ensure your home is secure and prepared for them. Clear away any potential hazards such as toxic plants or chemicals, and provide a comfortable bed and toys.

Adopting a Golden Doodle pup can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but you must do your research and locate a reliable breeder or adoption agency. With proper preparation and care, your new furry friend will bring years of love and companionship.

Adopting a Golden Doodle Pup

Golden Doodle pups are a beloved breed that many people would love to have as pets. Before adopting one, however, it’s essential to factor in the cost and budget accordingly. The cost of raising a Golden Doodle depends on several factors including the breeder, location, and specific type.

On average, the cost of a Golden Doodle pup ranges from $1,500 to USD 3,500. However, this price can fluctuate significantly based on several factors:

  • Breeder:
    When searching for a Golden Doodle puppy, the breeder you choose is important. Reputable breeders who take care to perform health testing and genetic screenings on their breeding dogs tend to charge more; on the other hand, those who neglect health testing or breed solely for profit may offer lower prices.
  • Location:
    The cost of a Golden Doodle puppy may differ based on where you live. Areas with a higher cost of living or greater demand for this breed may charge more than other areas.
  • Type of Golden Doodle:
    The type of Golden Doodle can influence its price point. For instance, a miniature Golden Doodle may be more expensive than its standard counterpart due to its smaller size and higher demand.

In addition to the initial cost of a Golden Doodle pup, there may be other expenses to consider. These could include:

  • Veterinarian costs:
    Golden Doodle pups require regular checkups, vaccinations, and preventative care which can add up over time.
  • Food and supplies:
    High-quality food, toys, bedding, and other supplies can add to the cost of owning a Golden Doodle puppy.
  • Grooming:
    Golden Doodle pups require regular grooming, which can add to the cost of ownership.

Overall, owning a Golden Doodle pup can be an incredibly rewarding experience; however, it is essential to budget appropriately and be aware of all costs involved. By doing your research and working with an established breeder, you can guarantee that you are getting a healthy and well-cared-for pup that will bring joy into your life for years to come.

Common Questions About Golden Doodle Puppies

How much does a Goldendoodle puppy cost?

The cost of a Golden Doodle puppy varies depending on the breeder and location but typically ranges between $1,500 and $3,000.

Are Golden Doodle Pups Hypoallergenic?

Golden Doodle Pups are considered to be a good option for people with allergies, though no dog breed is completely hypoallergenic. Their low shedding coat produces less dander – which is the main culprit behind allergies – making them ideal for people suffering from these issues.

What are the grooming requirements for a Golden Doodle?

Golden Doodle Puppies require regular grooming to maintain their fur. Brushing should occur at least once a week and trimming should take place every 6-8 weeks. Additionally, cleaning the ears regularly is necessary to prevent ear infections.

Are Golden Doodle Puppies Good with Kids?

Yes, Golden Doodle Puppies are renowned for their friendly and social natures. They make wonderful family pets as they get along well with kids and other pets, enjoying spending time with their owners.

What health issues should I be aware of with Golden Doodle Pups?

Golden Doodle Puppies tend to be healthy dogs, but like all breeds, they may be susceptible to certain health issues like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye issues, and skin allergies. To minimize the risk of inherited health problems when purchasing a Golden Doodle pup from a reliable breeder who conducts health screenings on their breeding dogs before breeding them, make sure they receive regular health checks.

Final Thoughts

Golden Doodle pups are adorable and friendly crossbreeds that make excellent companions for families or individuals. They possess loyalty, and intelligence, and are easy to train – making them a popular choice among many dog owners. But it is essential to remember that Golden Doodle puppies require proper grooming & care as well as socialization & exercise to remain happy and healthy. Before adopting one of these adorable crossbreeds you must do your research and ensures you can provide them with all the necessary attention & care they require. Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • Golden Doodle pups are created through a crossbreed between Golden Retrievers and Poodles, coming in various sizes depending on the parent breed: Toy, Miniature, and Standard.
  • These friendly creatures make great family pets due to their social natures.
  • They require daily exercise and mental stimulation, as well as socialization and training.
  • Grooming is an integral part of caring for a Golden Doodle pup – but it can be expensive. Regular grooming sessions may range in cost from $50-$100 or more depending on the groomer and location.
  • Golden Doodle pups may be at risk for certain health conditions like hip dysplasia, ear infections, and skin allergies that could result in costly vet bills.
  • Feeding a Golden Doodle pup high-quality dog food can cost anywhere from $50-$100 per month depending on the brand and size depending on its nutritional needs.

Overall, Golden Doodle pups make great companions for those seeking a friendly and loyal pet. However, they require significant amounts of time, care, and financial investment to lead fulfilling lives.

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