Golden Doodle Breeders

Finding the Perfect Breed of Golden Doodle: Selecting the Ideal Source for Your New Companion

Are you searching for a friendly and loving furry companion to add to your family? Have you heard about Golden Doodles and are curious to learn more about this popular breed? Look no further – in this article we’ll delve into the world of Golden Doodle breeders, what to look out for when selecting an experienced source, and what can be expected when taking home your new furry companion.

What are Golden Doodles?

Goldendoodles, also known as Goldendoodles, are a hybrid breed created by crossing Golden Retrievers and Poodles. Their popularity has grown in recent years due to their loving personalities, playful nature, and hypoallergenic coat. Golden Doodles come in different sizes such as miniature, medium, or standard varieties.

Characteristics of a Golden Doodle

Golden Doodles are renowned for their friendly, loyal, and social personalities. As family pets, they enjoy spending time with people and children. Furthermore, these intelligent canines boast intelligence and trainability – making it easy to teach new tricks and commands. Furthermore, their hypoallergenic coat makes them an ideal choice for people suffering from allergies.

How to Select a Reputable Golden Doodle Breeder?

Selecting a trustworthy Golden Doodle breeder is essential for getting an optimally healthy and socialized puppy. Here are some important factors to take into account when making your decision:

1. Health Testing

Reputable breeders will conduct health testing on their breeding dogs to guarantee they are free from genetic diseases such as hip/elbow dysplasia, eye disorders, and heart conditions. This testing can include hip/elbow dysplasia, eye disorders, and heart conditions.

2. Socialization

Good breeders will begin socializing their puppies from an early age, exposing them to different sounds, people, and environments. Doing this helps guarantee your new pup is well-adjusted and comfortable in different circumstances.

3. References and Reviews

Check online reviews and ask for references from past clients. A reliable breeder will have plenty of satisfied clients willing to share their positive experiences.

4. Transparency

A trustworthy breeder should be open and honest about their breeding practices, and willing to answer any queries you might have. Furthermore, they should supply all necessary health records and documentation for your new puppy’s well-being.

35 Top Golden Doodle Breeders in The USA

Golden Doodles are a beloved breed among families due to their friendly demeanor and hypoallergenic coat. If you’re searching for the perfect Golden Doodle puppy, finding an experienced breeder near you is essential. Here are some of the top 35 Golden Doodle breeders near me in the USA region:

  1. Grace Goldens
    Location: Alabama, United States
  2. Amber Moon Goldendoodles
    Location: Alabama, United States
  3. Beautiful Doodles 4 U
    Location: Arizona, United States
    Location: Arkansas, United States
  5. Golden Liberty Doodles
    Location: California, United States
  6. Red Rock Goldendoodles
    Location: Colorado, United States
  7. Willow Grace Doodles
    Location: Connecticut, United States
  8. Smart Doodle Puppies
    Location: Florida, United States
  9. Suwanee Goldendoodles
    Location: Georgia, United States
  10. Aloha Sunset Doodles
    Location: Hawaii, United States
  11. Donnelly’s Doodles & Poodles
    Location: Illinois, United States
  12. Winding Creek Ranch
    Location: Indiana, United States
  13. Star Creek Kennel, L.L.C.
    Location: Iowa, United States
  14. Knox Family Goldens & Doodles
    Location: Kentucky, United States
  15. Elimwood Farm Goldendoodles
    Location: Louisiana, United States
  16. Acadia Goldendoodles
    Location: Maine, United States
  17. CurlyDOODLES
    Location: Maryland, United States
  18. MaDoodles
    Location: Massachusetts, United States
  19. Majestic Rose Goldendoodles
    Location: Missouri, United States
  20. Cosmopolitan Companion Dogs
    Location: New Mexico, United States
  21. Lakeview Doodles
    Location: New York, United States
  22. Euro GoldenDoodles
    Location: North Carolina, United States
  23. Keepsake
    Location: Ohio, United States
  24. Jenkins Joyful Doodles
    Location: Oklahoma, United States
  25. Wonderland Goldendoodles
    Location: Oregon, United States
  26. Jonesing For A Doodle
    Location: Pennsylvania, United States
  27. Fountain Falls Goldendoodles
    Location: South Carolina, United States
  28. Hillsview Farm
    Location: South Dakota, United States
  29. Flying Feather Farm
    Location: Tennessee, United States
  30. Made For TV Doodles
    Location: Texas, United States
  31. Highland Goldendoodles
    Location: Utah, United States
  32. Family Labradoodles and Goldendoodles
    Location: Virginia, United States
  33. Summit Goldendoodles
    Location: Washington, United States
  34. Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodles
    Location: West Virginia, United States
  35. Beck Kennel
    Location: Wisconsin, United States

When searching for a Golden Doodle breeder near you, be sure to do your due diligence and request references from previous customers. A trustworthy breeder should be more than willing to provide references from satisfied clients as well as answer any queries about their breeding program. Furthermore, visiting the facility in person can ensure its cleanliness and the puppies’ well-being. With careful research and due diligence, you’ll be able to locate an established Golden Doodle breeder near you and bring home an affectionate companion for your family.


Golden Doodles make wonderful additions to any family, but you must select a reliable breeder for your furry friend’s health and socialization. Before bringing them home, prepare for training, exercise, and grooming requirements. With proper care and love your Golden Doodle will quickly become part of the family!


  1. Are Golden Doodles Ideal for Families with Children?
    Absolutely. Golden Doodles have a reputation for their sweet and social personalities, making them great pets to have around.
  2. How many exercises Do Golden Doodles Need?
    Golden Doodles are energetic breeds, so they need daily physical activity and playtime. Take your furry friend for walks around the neighborhood, play fetch in the backyard, or take them to a dog park for some off-leash fun!
  3. What is the Price of a Golden Doodle Puppy?
    Prices for Golden Doodle puppies vary based on breeder, location, and size. On average you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 for one.
  4. Do Golden Doodles shed fur?
    Golden Doodles boasts a hypoallergenic coat that sheds minimally, making them an ideal choice for people with allergies.
  5. How big do Golden Doodles grow?
    Golden Doodles come in various sizes, such as miniature, medium, and standard. On average they weigh 15 to 90 pounds and stand between 13-24 inches at the shoulder.