Used Crate For Great Danes

Used Crate For Great Danes – How To Find The Best Pre-Owned Extra Large Dog Crate?

Used Crate For Great Danes

Used Crate For Great Danes

PETSIDI – Finding a used crate for a Great Dane can be a great way to save money while still providing your large breed dog with a comfortable and safe place to call their own. When looking for a quality pre-owned dog enclosure for your gentle giant, be sure to keep the following tips in mind:

Focus on Size and Durability

Since Great Danes are such large dogs, you’ll need an extra large dog crate to accommodate their size. A good rule of thumb is to look for a crate that allows them to stand up fully, turn around, and lie down comfortably. You’ll likely need one of the biggest crates on the market.

When browsing for a second-hand Great Dane crate, carefully inspect the materials and construction. The crate will need to be sturdy enough to contain a strong, powerful dog, so watch for any signs of wear, rust, or damage. High-quality, heavy-duty crates made of robust metals like steel or aluminum are ideal for giant breeds.

Prioritize Ventilation and Easy Cleaning

Proper airflow and ventilation help keep your Great Dane comfortable in their pre-owned dog enclosure. Look for a crate with open barred sides rather than solid plastic walls. It should also be easy to clean and disinfect, with a tray or pan that slides out quickly.

Since odors can build up with giant breeds, pick a used dog crate for large dogs that you can scrub down regularly. Avoid materials like wood or fabric that absorb smells. Metal, plastic, and composite materials clean up best.

Measure Door Clearance

One of the most important factors is ensuring your Great Dane can comfortably fit through the crate door. When browsing second-hand dog crates, pay close attention to the door clearance, which should be wide and tall enough to accommodate their large frame.

If your Great Dane is still a rapidly growing puppy, pick a crate with room for them to grow into. You want them to be able to enter and exit without crouching or squeezing.

Add Plenty of Soft Bedding

To help your Great Dane feel relaxed and at home in their pre-owned pet cage, include soft bedding like blankets, dog beds, and cushions. Look for chew-resistant beds made specifically for heavy chewers.

Provide enough padding for them to nestle into. This will encourage them to rest and sleep peacefully in their large dog housing solution.

Pick a Convenient Shape and Size

When evaluating resale dog kennels and crates, think about the shape and dimensions that will work best in your available space. Measure your room sizes and layout to find a pre-owned crate that fits nicely.

Rectangular crates work well for fitting in corners or against walls. You can also find used crates with dividable panels to adjust the interior size as your Great Dane grows.

Focus on Condition Over Age

Don’t let the age of a pre-owned pet cage deter you – instead, carefully inspect its condition. With proper care, heavy-duty crates can last for years, making them ideal for purchases second-hand.

Examine the crate for signs of damage, wear, rust, or breakage. Avoid crates that are heavily soiled or smell bad, as these odors can be difficult to remove. Test latches and doors for smooth operation.

Ask Detailed Questions of the Seller

When purchasing from an individual seller, don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions to gauge how well the used dog crate was maintained:

  • Why are you selling the crate?
  • How long have you had it and how was it used?
  • Does it have any damage, odors, or other flaws?
  • Has it been cleaned/disinfected recently?

Getting clear answers will help you determine if it’s a smart purchase or not. Take your time making a decision.

Compare Prices Strategically

Used crates for Great Danes can range quite a bit in price. To get the best deal:

  • Check online sales platforms – Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or NextDoor listings often have lower prices than specialty pet stores.
  • Visit thrift stores and shelters – They may have donated used crates in good condition for very cheap.
  • Consider curbside finds – You can luck out finding a usable crate being given away for free on the curb.
  • Weigh cost vs. condition – A higher price may be worthwhile for pristine conditions, while minor flaws mean better bargains.

Prepare the Crate for Your Great Dane

Once you bring your used Great Dane kennel home, get it ready for your pup:

  • Please give it a thorough cleaning and disinfecting
  • Add bedding, toys, treats
  • Acclimate your dog to the crate slowly
  • Place it in a quiet, comfortable area of your home

With patience and praise, you can make the crate a beloved sanctuary for your big furry friend to enjoy for years!

Where to Find Used Great Dane Crates

Where to Find Used Great Dane Crates

Here are some top places to find quality pre-owned crates and kennels for giant breed dogs:

Classified Listings

  • Craigslist – Individual sellers list used pet supplies of all kinds locally. Be sure to inspect items before purchasing.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Search for used crates in your area or make an ISO (in search of) post describing what you need.
  • NextDoor – Check for neighbors selling used Great Dane crates or giving them away for free.

Resale Sites and Stores

  • eBay – Search for discounted used crates from sellers worldwide. Look for crates that ship for free.
  • Pet stores – Some pet supply shops sell used returned crates at steep discounts.
  • Thrift shops – Check both regular and pet-specific thrift stores for donated used crates.

Shelters and Rescues

  • Animal shelters – Call local shelters to ask if they have any used crates to donate.
  • Breed-specific rescues – Great Dane rescues often have used supplies for rehoming dogs.
  • Humane societies – Donation centers may have supplies like used crates.

Curbside Finds

  • Garbage day – Scout your neighborhood on trash day for usable crates being thrown out.
  • Social media giveaways – People often post free crates through Buy Nothing groups and apps.
  • Bulk garbage – Large apartment buildings will sometimes have discarded crates in bulk disposal areas.

What to Look for When Buying Used Crate for Great Dane

To make sure you select a safe, durable used crate for your Great Dane, check the following:

  • Sturdy construction with no damage
  • Rust-resistant metal or composite materials
  • Good ventilation and visibility
  • Easy-clean floor tray
  • Full-size adult dimensions
  • Wide double-door opening
  • Secure door latches and locks
  • No major odors or stains
  • Structural integrity when shaken
  • Smooth-sliding door operation

Avoid used crates with these flaws:

  • Rust, dents, or broken welds
  • Jagged edges or holes
  • Locks and latches that stick
  • Permeating urine odors
  • Absorbent wood or fabric
  • Tiny door opening
  • Brittle plastic tray

Proper care and maintenance will allow a quality crate to last through multiple dogs, making use a great value if the condition is good. Be picky and take your time to find the ideal pre-owned crate for your Great Dane buddy.

Pros and Cons of Used vs. New Crates

Used Crates New Crates
– Significant cost savings
– Often quick availability
– Some “broken in” for dog comfort
– Sturdy materials built to last
– Mint condition
– Latest safety features
– New warranty protection
– Wider style selection
– Limited size/style options
– No warranty
– May have minor wear
– Requires inspection
– Much more expensive
– Wait times for delivery
It might take time for the dog to adjust

Tips for Transitioning Your Great Dane to a Used Crate

Tips for Transitioning Your Great Dane to a Used Crate

Switching your Great Dane over to a new pre-owned crate takes some care and patience. Here are some top tips for making the transition smooth and stress-free:

  • Place the crate in their familiar sleeping area for comfort.
  • Keep the crate open at first so they can explore it freely.
  • Feed your dog meals and treats inside the open crate.
  • Add their favorite toys and soft bedding to make it welcoming.
  • Close the door briefly while petting and praising them
  • Gradually increase the duration of time with the door closed from seconds to minutes as they acclimate.
  • Create positive associations by giving treats and praise only inside the crate.
  • Establish a command like “kennel up” and reward compliance.
  • Practice crating when you are home before leaving them unsupervised.
  • Avoid force – if they resist, slow down and try again later.
  • Make sure the crate is comfortable – not too hot, cold, or cramped.
  • Start slow – brief trial periods and don’t rush the process.
  • Ensure needs are met first – food, water, potty, exercise.
  • Make it rewarding – give prized chews or Kongs only in the crate.
  • Keep sessions upbeat and end on a positive note if they get anxious.
  • Use calming aids if they remain distressed – pheromone sprays, music.
  • Be patient – it may take days or weeks for them to fully acclimate.

With time, positive reinforcement, and a comfortable pre-owned crate, your Great Dane will come to love their new canine abode!

Solutions for Common Used Crate Issues

Issue Solution
Odors Clean with enzymatic spray, baking soda, vinegar
Rust Sand down and apply rust-resistant sealant
Broken pan/tray Replace with a new pan or line with durable mat
Sticky door Lubricate hardware with silicone or WD-40
Missing door Zip-tie securing flap across the opening
Chewed corners File down sharp edges; add chew guards
Loose base Reinforce with brackets, supports, or weighted objects
Hair/scratches Buff smooth; apply touch-up paint if needed

Best Practices for Sanitizing a Used Crate

  • Remove all bedding and accessories
  • Wash canvas and plastic trays with soap and water
  • Spray metal surfaces with veterinary disinfectant
  • Fully air dry the crate before reassembling
  • Steam clean fabric bedding or throw it away
  • Scrub corners and crevices with a small brush
  • Mix water and vinegar for a pet-safe cleaning solution
  • Use an enzymatic cleaner on any soiled spots
  • Replace any heavily worn or soiled parts
  • Wipe metal bars down with rubbing alcohol
  • Avoid toxic chemicals like bleach that can harm pets
  • Make it smell welcoming with pet-safe essential oils

Thorough cleaning and disinfecting will help prevent the spread of bacteria or illness and get your used crate ready for your Great Dane!

Questions to Ask When Buying Used

  • What is the exact brand and model of the crate?
  • What size is it – length, width, and height?
  • Is the metal frame steel, aluminum, or other?
  • Does it come with a plastic or metal tray?
  • Do all the latches, hinges, and locks work properly?
  • Is there any damage like rust, bends, or holes?
  • Why are you selling the crate?
  • How old is the crate? How was it used?
  • Has it been cleaned/disinfected recently?
  • Are any parts broken or missing?
  • Does it have any odors or stains?
  • Can I see it assembled before buying it?
  • Can you hold it for me until xxx date?
  • Do you offer any warranty on used sales?
  • Can you send additional photos of x, y, and z?

Signs of a Quality Used Crate

  • Sturdy, tightly welded metal frame
  • Secure latches and slide-bolt door locks
  • Rust-resistant aluminum or steel
  • Ventilated side walls for airflow
  • Large front and top openings
  • Sliding plastic or metal floor tray
  • Drain holes to prevent pooling
  • Ability to divide interior space
  • Smooth glide rails and quiet operation
  • Thick durable composite materials
  • Cleanable, moisture-resistant surfaces
  • Evidence of careful use and upkeep
  • Minimal wear, scratches, or odors
  • Structurally sound with no damage
  • Adequate clearance and room to move

Used Crating Alternatives

If you can’t find a suitable used crate, consider these alternatives for containing your Great Dane:

  • Repurposed furniture – Use a crib, bookcase, or table on its side. Be sure it is sturdy and non-toxic.
  • Baby gates – Section off a room or area with tall, wide gates. Use multiple gates for larger spaces.
  • Freestanding pens – Wire exercise pens offer flexible areas for confinement or denning.
  • Custom wood crates – A carpenter can build a solid wood crate to your desired size.
  • Heavy-duty tarps – Drape over sturdy poles or shelves to create an enclosed space.
  • Dog run – Fenced outdoor runs provide increased space and airflow.
  • Dog-proof room – Remove hazards from a room you don’t mind damage in.
  • Tethering – Securely attach to immovable objects inside when supervised.

With creativity and DIY skills, you can find a safe confinement solution to suit your space and Great Dane’s needs!


For giant breed dogs like Great Danes, a used crate can be a practical and budget-friendly option. Take care to find a spacious crate in good repair that your dog can move around and rest in comfortably. Thoroughly clean and disinfect any used crate, and slowly help your dog adjust to their new enclosure with positive associations and patience. A quality pre-owned crate will become a beloved room of your dog’s own while keeping them and your home safe. With an extra large crate that meets their needs, your big furry friend will settle in nicely.