Extra Large Dog Crate for Great Danes

Extra Large Dog Crate for Great Danes


Overview of the Need for an Extra-Large Dog Crate

PETSIDI – When it comes to extra-large dog breeds like the Great Dane, finding the right-sized crate can be a challenge. Great Danes are one of the largest dog breeds, commonly reaching heights of 30 inches and weights over 100 lbs. Their massive size means that a typical dog crate simply won’t provide the space needed for these giant dogs to move around and rest comfortably. Having a properly sized crate is important not just for your dog’s comfort but also for successful crate training. This article will cover everything you need to know about selecting an oversized crate specifically suited for your large canine companion.

Importance of Choosing the Right Crate for Great Danes

Picking an appropriately spacious crate is essential for providing enough room for your Great Dane to lie down, stand up, turn around, and generally feel at ease. A crate that is too small runs the risk of being uncomfortable or stressful for a giant breed like the Great Dane. Alternatively, a crate that is too large defeats the purpose of providing a safe and cozy sanctuary for your dog. Taking the time to find a crate specially designed for big canines will ensure your Great Dane has the ideal housing situation. Proper crate sizing sets the stage for successful crate training and gives your dog a place to call their own in your home.

Types of Dog Crates

There are several types of heavy-duty dog crates designed with extra-large breeds in mind. The right option depends on factors like your dog’s exact measurements, housing needs, and temperament.

XXL Dog Crates

XXL dog crates are specifically made with giant dog breeds like Great Danes in mind. They offer enhanced dimensions while still maintaining structural integrity.

Features and Benefits

  • Expanded interior space for standing, sitting, moving
  • Thicker gauge wires and framing
  • Larger door openings
  • Removable plastic trays or pans
  • Rolls for portability
  • Dividers to adjust usable space

Suitability for Great Danes

The additional depth, width, and height of an XXL crate is ideal for accommodating the large stature of the Great Dane. These crates allow enough area for these big dogs to lie outstretched and move around freely. Sturdy materials prevent sagging or damage.

Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

Heavy-duty dog crates provide enhanced durability and strength to contain large, powerful dogs.

Durability and Strength

  • Thick steel mesh or high-strength composite materials
  • Reinforced connection points
  • Heavy-duty latches and swing-out doors
  • High weight capacities

Ideal for Large and Powerful Breeds

Sturdy, heavy-duty crates are well-equipped to handle big, strong dogs like Great Danes. They prevent the crate from buckling or bending while still giving dogs room to move. Great for boisterous dogs who play rough.

Jumbo and Giant Dog Crates

For even more space, there are jumbo and giant dog crates made just for the biggest breeds.

Extra Space for Comfort

  • Expansive interior floor space
  • High ceilings for standing
  • Longer dimensions for sprawling out
  • Multiple rooms or compartmentalized areas

Considerations for Giant Breeds like Great Danes

These oversized “mansion” style crates provide ample space for xx-large dogs to relax. They mimic a den environment. However, puppies or anxious dogs may feel overwhelmed without dividers.

Crate Training for Large Dogs

Crate Training for Large Dogs

Crate training provides many benefits for dogs of any size. But it’s especially important for large and giant breeds like Great Danes to be comfortable in a crate for transport, housing, and safety.

Importance of Crate Training

  • Provides a personal, safe space for resting
  • Den-like sanctuary reduces anxiety
  • Allows handling/transport for vet visits
  • Keeps your home protected when unsupervised
  • Gives dog a place for peaceful time-outs

Tips for Successful Crate Training with Great Danes

Crate training a Great Dane takes patience and consistency. Consider these tips:

  • Start early and make it a gradual process
  • Give lots of praise and treats
  • Provide favorite toys to make crate fun
  • Use commands like “kennel up” or “crate”
  • Feed meals inside the crate
  • Limit time left alone at first
  • Be positive – never use crate for punishment

With time, the crate will become a rewarding retreat for both you and your giant dog!

Choosing the Right Size Crate

Since Great Danes grow rapidly to an enormous height and length, selecting the properly sized crate is key for their health and happiness.

Understanding the Dimensions for Great Danes

To determine the best crate size, you’ll need to consider your Great Dane’s measurements:

  • Height – measure from floor to top of shoulders
  • Length – measure from nose to base of tail
  • Weight – factor in current and adult weight

Most adult male Great Danes stand 30+ inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 120-200 lbs. Females are around 28 inches tall and 100-130 lbs.

Crate Size Considerations for Optimal Comfort

Here are some sizing guidelines for an ideal Great Dane crate:

  • Length – at least 42 inches long
  • Width – 30 inches wide or more
  • Height – 36+ inches tall
  • Door – 18+ inches wide and tall

Leave around 6 inches of extra space above their height when standing. Prioritize length over height.

Sturdy and Secure Great Dane Crates

Sturdy and Secure Great Dane Crates

Since Great Danes are so large and powerful, their crate needs to be made of tough materials that won’t bend or warp under pressure.

Features of a Secure Crate

The best crates for big dogs like Great Danes have:

  • Durable steel, iron or aluminum framing
  • Thick gauge mesh wiring or composite panels
  • Heavy-duty latching systems
  • Large steel rivets at stress points
  • Rubber feet to prevent sliding

Materials and Construction for Longevity

Look for quality materials and reinforced joints:

  • Powder-coated steel for rust resistance
  • Welded corners and joints
  • Premium composite plastics or rotational molding
  • Non-toxic finishes and surfaces

Prioritize strength – a flimsy crate won’t contain an enthusiastic Great Dane! Proper construction ensures the crate will last for years.

Crate Housing for Giant Breeds

Providing the right crate environment helps giant breed dogs like Great Danes settle in comfortably.

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Space

Make the crate welcoming with:

  • Plenty of room to move and lie down
  • Soft bedding and blankets
  • Familiar toys and chews
  • Dim lighting for napping
  • A crate cover for privacy
  • Appropriate heating or cooling

Ensuring Proper Ventilation and Accessibility

Also make sure to:

  • Place the crate in a low-traffic area
  • Check that air flows properly through the crate
  • Have easy access to the crate door
  • Keep crate door clear from blockages
  • Allow your dog to come and go freely

Your Great Dane will be happy and satisfied in their spacious, customized crate environment.

Extra Large Dog Crate Great Dane

Crate Maintenance and Care

To keep your large dog crate in top shape, be diligent about upkeep and cleaning.

Cleaning and Hygiene Practices

  • Remove hair, dirt and debris frequently
  • Wash bedding and blankets regularly
  • Disinfect with pet-safe products weekly
  • Check for damage and rust
  • Replace pans or trays as needed

Long-Term Durability and Upkeep

You can preserve your crate with:

  • Proper assembly and location
  • Checking and tightening fasteners
  • Lubricating hinges and latches
  • Touch-up paint for scratches
  • Covering to protect from elements

With proper care, a quality oversized crate will last many years!

Recommendations and Reviews

If you’re searching for the perfect XXL crate for your Great Dane, consider these top choices based on reviews:

Top-Rated Extra-Large Dog Crates for Great Danes

Create Description
MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate

– 54 inches long, 37 inches high

– Heavy-duty slide-bolt latches

– Rolls for portability

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

– Durable plastic construction

– Ventilated for airflow

– Paw-proof door latch

Precision Pet ProValu Giant Crate

– Aluminum frame and plastic panels

– Leak-proof plastic pan

– Front and side door access

AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

– 48 inch length x 32 inch width x 35 inch height

– Foldable for storage and travel

Petsfit Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate

– Steel frame with double door access

– Leak-proof plastic tray

– Locking wheel casters

Customer Testimonials and Experiences

“I was hesitant to put my Great Dane puppy in such a large crate, but he took to it immediately. I can already tell it will accommodate his size as an adult dog. Set up was smooth and it seems very durable. Two thumbs up!”

“This XXL crate is perfect for my full grown male Great Dane. He can move around freely and lie down comfortably without any cramping or hunching. It gives me peace of mind knowing he has a safe space that suits his giant breed needs.”

“After going through multiple crates that my Great Dane outgrew, I finally invested in an extra-large model. The quality is unmatched and I appreciate that it was designed specifically for giant breeds. My dog loves stretching out in all that room!”


Great Dane Crate Owner Testimonial


Recap of Key Considerations

When selecting an oversized crate for a Great Dane, keep these factors in mind:

  • Measure your specific dog’s height, length, and weight
  • Prioritize crate length over height
  • Look for heavy-duty, durable construction
  • Provide ample space for standing and moving
  • Proper ventilation and easy access
  • Sturdy materials that won’t bend or warp
  • Quality that will last for years

Encouragement for Responsible Dog Ownership and Care

Choosing the right crate for your beloved Great Dane is a key part of providing responsible, loving care. With an appropriately sized crate, your giant pup will have a comfortable home base in your house. Investing in a quality oversized crate shows commitment to meeting their unique needs and supporting their health and happiness as a valued family member.