Australian Cattle Dog Catahoula Mix

Australian Cattle Dog Catahoula Mix

Australian Cattle Dog Catahoula Mix

Catahoula mix is a common Australian cattle dog. The name is derived from the cat-like markings and pattern of its head, but the true breed is still undetermined. Its breed originates from the state of Coahuila in Mexico. An early breed of cattle dog, it was bred for its antlers and its ability to work the fields with its sharp scent.

Catahoula mix were mainly bred for herding cattle. It was originally bred as a working breed that could carry out the hard physical labor required by the ranchers. Working cattle dogs were generally used for plowing fields, removing weeds from fields, grooming cattle and hauling animals over rough terrain. They were not meant to be a pet. However, modern breeders have bred this breed to be very affectionate and loving.

Australian cattle dog was originally developed in 1839 by Emile-Francois Tardieu, who also developed the black dingo. The common color of the Catahoula mix is golden yellow with a blue-black, a mottled pattern of its fur. Its coat is usually short and coarse with a dense undercoat that protects the dog from cold. The coat does not shed and thickens when needed. The breed can also grow its long fur in winter, but it is usually seen in the summer. The cut of its coat is slightly shorter in winter than in summer, this explains why the coat of Catahoula mix is slightly shorter than that of its relatives, which is why it is less likely to shed.


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