Scottish Terrier Chihuahua Mix Puppies

Scottish Terrier Chihuahua Mix Puppies: A Complete Guide

Are you searching for an adorable mix breed dog, then the Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix (known as a Scotchi) may be just what you’re searching for. This crossbreed combines the playful personality of a Chihuahua with the loyalty and independence of Scottish Terriers. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies.

History and Origin

To fully appreciate the Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies, it is essential to learn about their parent breeds’ histories.

Scottish Terrier

Scotch Terriers, commonly referred to as Scotties, hail from Scotland and were bred for hunting small prey such as rodents. Due to their distinctive appearance with wiry coats and pointed ears, these dogs have become popular choices among pet owners around the world.


Chihuahuas are a small dog breed originally from Mexico that was bred as companions. Known for their energetic and playful personalities, these pups make great pets!


Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies may differ in appearance depending on which traits they inherit from their parents.


When selecting a puppy, one thing to consider is its coat type. Scottish Terriers have thick, wiry fur that typically comes in black, brindle, or wheaten colors while Chihuahuas have short and smooth fur which can come in various hues. A Scotchi may inherit either type of coat – with wiry hair in some places and smoother in others – giving it an interesting combination.


Scotchi dogs vary in size, but they typically weigh 10-20 pounds and stand 10-12 inches high.


Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies can exhibit traits from both parent breeds when it comes to their personality.


Scotchi puppies have a playful nature, much like Chihuahuas. This makes them great companions for families with young children as they love to chase around and have some fun!


Scottish Terriers are renowned for their loyalty, and a Scotchi puppy can also prove to be an obedient friend. These energetic canines form strong attachments to their owners and take great pleasure in protecting their families.


Scottish Terriers are known for their independent natures, which a Scotchi puppy may also inherit. They may not always be in the mood for cuddles and would much rather spend some alone time.

Care and Maintenance

When caring for a Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppy, there are a few things to remember.


Scotchi puppies require regular grooming due to their wiry coat. You should brush it at least once a week to prevent matting, and professional grooming may also be necessary occasionally for optimal appearance.


Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies are energetic and playful, so they need regular exercise to stay healthy and contented. Daily walks or playtime in a fenced yard is recommended for them.


Scotchi puppies can be stubborn and independent, so training them requires patience and persistence. Positive reinforcement training is recommended, while socialization plays an integral role in helping them get along well with other dogs and people.

Health Risks

Just like any breed, Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies may develop certain health issues.

Dental Issues

Chihuahuas have a reputation for having dental issues, which can be passed on to their mixed-breed offspring. Therefore, you must maintain good dental hygiene in your Scotchi puppy to prevent future dental issues.

Patellar Luxation

Patellar luxation is a common condition among small dog breeds and it may also affect Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies. This condition involves the kneecap moving out of place, causing discomfort and pain.

Eye Problems

Scottish Terriers are susceptible to certain eye issues, such as cataracts and glaucoma. Because these issues can also affect Scotchi puppies, it’s essential to monitor their eye health closely and seek veterinary assistance if any signs appear.

Finding a Scottish Terrier/Chihuahua Mix Puppy!

If you are thinking about adopting a Scotchi puppy, there are several steps to take.


For Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppy ownership, there are plenty of reputable breeders. Be sure to do your due diligence and find a breeder who takes great pride in producing healthy puppies with excellent temperaments.

Rescue Organizations

You can check with local rescue organizations to see if they have any Scotchi puppies available for adoption. This is a great option if you want to provide a loving home to an abandoned pup.


Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies make wonderful companions for the right family. They’re playful, loyal, and independent – just make sure they receive regular care to stay healthy and contented. If you’re thinking about adding a Scotchi puppy to your household, do your research and find an experienced breeder or rescue organization before committing.


  1. Are Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies hypoallergenic?
    No, both parent breeds are not hypoallergenic because both breeds shed fur.
  2. Do Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies get along well with children?
    Yes, cats make excellent family pets and get along well with children.
  3. How often Should Scotchi Puppies be Groomed?
    At least once a week, they should be brushed and may require professional grooming on occasion.
  4. Are Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies at risk for health issues?
    Like all breeds, Golden Retrievers may be susceptible to certain health issues like dental problems, patellar luxation, and eye problems.
  5. What type of exercise should Scottish Terrier Chihuahua mix puppies get?
    They need daily exercises, such as walks or playtime in a secure yard, to remain healthy and content.