premium cat food

PurrFect Food: What Do Cats Love to Eat the Most?

premium cat food

PurrFect Food: What Do Cats Love to Eat the Most?

If you’re a first-time cat parent, you might be wondering: just what do cats love to eat the most? Here’s a menu that’s sure to leave your cat satisfied.

A cat’s diet plays a huge role in her health and livelihood. If she isn’t receiving the daily nutrition she needs, she could be at risk for developing dietary illnesses.

As a pet owner, it’s imperative to know that feeding your cat correctly can help her live a long and happy life. What more could you ask for?

So, what do cats love to eat the most? Keep reading to find out and never wonder again if your furry friend is getting the nutrition she needs!

Are Cats Carnivores

The first part of understanding a cat’s fundamental need for food is knowing that cats are carnivorous. In the wild, felines eat meat. Thus, felines should eat meat in your home, too!

Cater to your cat’s wild side by feeding her the protein-rich foods that she would likely consume in nature. Here’s a list of a few types of meat your cat could thrive from:

  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Turkey
  • Beef
  • Whitefish
  • Tuna

Incorporating what cats eat in the wild into your housecat’s diet is a great way to satisfy their instinctual cravings. When choosing wet or dry cat food, make sure that the meat is listed as a real ingredient and not just a flavor so that your cat can benefit from the protein.

What Do Cats Love to Eat the Most

Because our beloved housecats once roamed the plains and forests hunting down small animals, they crave the taste of real meat.

Whether it’s premium dry food or wet food, cats are drawn to the fragrance and flavor of real meat ingredients. While they might eat artificially-flavored, low-quality cat food if it’s the only option, our cats deserve so much more.

Because our cats can’t speak to tell us what flavors they like, experiment! It can be super fun to test out the different flavors like chicken or fish, and once you figure out your cat’s taste buds you can select a food that satisfied her the most.

While cheap cat foods definitely aren’t as palatable, they also don’t have the nutritional value that your cat needs to thrive.

What to Feed Your Cat

Biologically, cats need a diet rich in protein. They don’t need synthetic dyes, artificial ingredients, or chemicals in their food.

You can feed your cat wet or dry food, but make sure it lists real, organic ingredients. Dry food tends to be cheaper, but wet food is also a good choice since it gives your cat an extra boost of moisture.

When it comes to feeding your cat the best, select only premium cat food that lists real, natural ingredients like ProBalance.

She’ll be guaranteed to love the taste of high-quality proteins made from real food, and her health will thank you, too.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Life

Whether you’re about to adopt your first cat or you’ve been living with your four-legged friend for a while, now you won’t have to wonder “what do cats love to eat the most?”

Keep your kitty’s diet balanced with real, high-quality ingredients and she’ll be with you for a long time.

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