Precise Holistic Dog Food

Introducing Precise Holistic Dog Food – The Healthiest Food for Your Fur Baby!

PETSIDI – Hey friend! If you’re a dog parent like me, giving our fur babies the best possible nutrition is a top priority. I recently discovered an amazing new brand called Precise Holistic Dog Food that ticks all the boxes – high-quality ingredients, balanced nutrition, and gentle on sensitive pup tummies!

In this post, I’ll give you a deep dive on Precise and why it’s become my go-to kibble recommendation for all dog owner friends. Get ready to learn everything about this super premium dog food line and why it’s earned my trust and loyalty!

Brand Ethos – Holistic Whole Dog Health

First let’s look at the guiding philosophy behind Precise – this context helps explain what makes them distinct.

Precise founder Holly Sheridan was on a mission to create “holistic” recipes using simple, natural ingredients to mimic a dog’s ancestral, biological diet. Her research revealed common commercial formulas overuse fillers, preservatives, and additives that stress dog digestion and undermine long-term wellness.

In response Precise explicitly commits to a “whole dog health” approach optimising nutrition for:

  • Digestive welfare
  • Muscle tone and vitality
  • allergy alleviation
  • Disease prevention

Rather than isolated nutrients, Precise looks at overall positive impacts across physical, emotional and psychological pup wellbeing!

Below are Precise’s stated values that underpin their entire process – review and you’ll see why I connect with their ethical approach:

Core Values
Ingredient IntegrityEthically/sustainably sourced
Food SafetyExtensive quality testing
TraceabilityFully transparent supply chain
Species AppropriateFormulas fitting dog physiology
Vitality BoostingOptimizing wellness and longevity

This meticulous methodology and ethical sourcing give me great confidence in Precise as a brand genuinely committed to dogs’ best interest!

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Next, let’s explore their specific recipe offerings.

Signature Recipes Supporting Whole Dog Health

True to their holistic orientation, Precise formulates diets targeting five facets of complete canine welfare:

Foundation – Wholesome Ancestral Nutrition

The Foundation recipes provide balanced everyday nutrition fitting a dog’s biological ancestry as carnivores. Thoughtfully sourced proteins, fats, carbs and micronutrients supply complete welfare-boosting nourishment. I rotate between a couple Foundation recipes so my pup enjoys variety!

[🐶Key Ingredients: Chicken, fish, whole grains, veggies, fruit, nutritious oils, chelated minerals, probiotics, antioxidants]

Skin and Coat – Alleviating Allergies and Irritation

Does your pooch suffer itchy, irritated skin? The Skin and Coat line soothes these issues with vitamins, omegas and probiotics while limiting allergy triggers like corn, wheat, soy. My friend’s allergy-prone Westie has found major relief since switching to this diet!

[🐶Key Ingredients: Novel proteins like lamb, omega fatty acids, nutritious oils, antioxidants, dried fermentation products, chelated minerals]

Joint – Cushioning Healthy Movement

Mature pups need joint cushioning to stay active and comfortable. Glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid ease stiffness and inflammation while superfoods provide antioxidant protection. My elderly parent’s arthritic Shepherd is far peppier since Precise Joint became her staple meal!

[🐶Key Ingredients: Glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen proteins, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants]

Weight – Promoting Healthy Metabolism

Is your dog carrying excess pounds? Precise Weight Control regulates appetite hormones, boosts metabolism and maintains lean muscle using premium protein sources. My buddy’s obese Beagle shed fat safely in months after switching to this reduced calorie kibble!

[🐶Key Ingredients: High protein, L-carnitine, precise calorie counts]

Senior – Nourishing Vital Longevity

Once pups pass age seven, key nutritional shortfalls can accelerate aging. Precise Senior provides super enriched nutrition to sustain energy, vision, cognition, immune function and healthy organs far into your dog’s golden years! All my senior parent friends swear by Precise Senior to keep their elderly fur babies lively and thriving.

[🐶Key Ingredients: Chelated vitamins/minerals for absorption, glucosamine, omega fatty acids, antioxidants]

What I really appreciate is this spectrum of custom diets targeting specific facets of holistic wellbeing – exactly aligned with their ethos!

Now let’s review their production and safety excellence that gives me total confidence.

State of the Art Production and Verified Outcomes

Beyond great ingredients, Precise invests heavily in cutting edge production technologies and extensive verification testing to guarantee nutrition and safety in every bag. Take a look:

stringently Controlled Processes

  • Certified GMP facilities
  • Stringent quality oversight
  • Proprietary drying techniques
  • Minimal processing heat
  • No artificial preservatives

Rigorous Verification

  • Hundreds of quality checks
  • Follows EU standards (world’s highest)
  • Counts pathogenic bacteria
  • Confirms digestibility
  • Verifies ingredient claims
  • Tests for 330+ toxins

Proven Outcomes

  • Digestibility consistently 90%+
  • Very low Glycemic response
  • Highly palatable taste
  • Firms stool consistency
  • Shiny coats and clear eyes
  • Alert, vibrant temperaments
  • Owners report amazing transformations

This unparalleled diligence across every domain offers me incredible reassurance – I genuinely feel Precise cares deeply about my pup’s welfare even more than profits!

Now I’ll share my own exciting experiences since making Precise my trusted supplier.

My Thrilling Journey with Precise

Ever since transitioning my beloved Corgi Bean to Precise Foundation kibble six months ago, I’m blown away by the visible vitality enhancements:

  • Lost weight safely ending chronic obesity
  • Far more energetic and playful
  • Loves taste – gobbles up serving
  • Silky smooth and glossy coat
  • Minimal shedding around house
  • Smaller, firmer stools = easier cleanup
  • No more gastrointestinal issues
  • Annual checkup was fantastic!

My vet shook her head in amazement looking at bloodwork results – she’s never seen Bean in such phenomenal health since adopting as an elderly rescue. She asked for details on the “magic diet” that led to such dramatic improvements across metrics. I proudly told her about Precise – she’s now actively recommending it for older overweight patients struggling with low energy and GI problems!

In my everyday interactions with Bean, her boosted happiness and comforth are so rewarding – by nourishing her body optimally, I’m able to enrich her whole lifestyle. My only regret is not finding Precise sooner!

So if you’re looking for a truly superior dog food solution that ticks every box – quality, safety, outcomes and ethics – I give my highest recommendation for Precise. I’m confident you too will be stunned by the benefits like I am! Please reach out anytime if you have questions.

Wishing you and your fur babies robust health and endless tail wags!