Lego Pug

Lego Pug



Lego Pug

What You Need to Know About the LEGO Pug

If you are looking for a toy dog that your child can play with for hours on end, then the LEGO Pug is the perfect toy. It comes in a variety of sizes and includes everything from a mini-doll to a dog bone and even a poop scoop! Here’s what you need to know. We hope you find the right Lego Pug toy for your child! It’s as adorable as the toys!

In the game, you can earn a PUG-Z (pluggable unmanned air vehicle) which is your primary mode of transport between worlds. Its colors are orange, with yellow booster rockets, grey landing struts, and a clear bubble covering the pilot’s seat. As the game progresses, so does the design of your PUG-Z. Each new level adds booster engines to your model. There is a blue variant as well, but it is very hard to get and you can only use it for takeoff.


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