Labrador Retriever Rescue Michigan

Labrador Retriever Rescue Michigan

Labrador Retriever Rescue Michigan

The World Organization for Labrador Retrievers maintains a list of Labrador Retriever rescue groups. To use this information, you must ask for written permission from the organization. Click the state number to view the list of lab dog rescue groups in that state. You can contact the group if you have any questions. Labrador Retriever Rescue Michigan has a long and happy history of saving these dogs. If you are looking to adopt a Lab, please consider contacting one of their many locations.

The 3rd Cost is a Michigan-based lab rescue that places rescues in foster homes and provides necessary medical care. These dogs are then socialized before adoption. Another Michigan Labrador Retriever rescue group is the Huron River Labrador Retriever Club, a nonprofit group based in Southeastern Michigan. It works to rescue dogs from existing owners through direct rescue, but also has connections to lab-breed shelters.

The MLRR is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for Labradors.

Each rescued Lab is evaluated for temperament and training before going to its new forever home. Out-of-area applicants are considered on a case-by-case basis and must travel to the Chicago area to pick up their Labrador. The organization’s mission is to help Labradors in need in all states.

Another benefit of adopting a Labrador is that they are highly trainable and intelligent. This breed excels in many fields, including hunting, tracking, retrieving, police work, narcotics detection, service dogs, and guide dogs for the blind. They are also extremely intelligent, easy to train, and well-socialized. Labrador Retrievers need constant human leadership and a job to do.

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