Labrador Rescue Wa

Labrador Rescue Wa

Adopting a Labrador From a Labrador Rescue Wa

Are you considering adopting a Labrador from a Labrador Rescue Wa? If so, you are not alone. The entire world is searching for this breed. In fact, there are more Labs in rescue than any other breed. Regardless of the breed, the rescue process is a life-saving one for many dogs. Here are some things you should know about Labradors in rescue. They usually come from shelters and owner listings. You can search for these dogs by clicking on their state number.

Labradors are incredibly friendly and social dogs, making them excellent pets for families. Adult Labs adjust well to a new environment, and can easily fit in with any lifestyle. However, they do need some basic obedience training to become well-rounded family members. The breed enjoys being active and is perfect for those who like to spend their time with people, so they do not do well alone. Labradors make great therapy dogs.

Rescue programs are crucial to the success of any dog rescue organization, and PSLRA in Washington state is an example. The group works with shelters in the Seattle area to help Labs that are in need of homes. Since 1995, they have helped 210 Labs find forever homes. During that time, 260 Labs in shelters have survived, but twelve were euthanized due to health issues or severe injuries.

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