Labrador Rescue Tulsa

Labrador Rescue Tulsa

Adopt a Labrador at the Bass Pro Shops Dock dog Finals

If you’re looking to foster a Labrador dog, consider joining Labrador Rescue Tulsa. The non-profit group has been saving Labradors in Tulsa since 1999 and placed 187 dogs with loving families last year. If you’re a Tulsa resident looking to foster a dog, they’ll be at Bass Pro Shops today and Sunday. The dock dog finals are at 2 p.m. on Sunday at the Bass Pro Shops in Oklahoma City.

If you’re looking for a rescue dog outside of Tulsa, check out Labrador rescue Oklahoma. They’ve even got a Facebook page where people can share pictures of great things about Oklahoma. And don’t forget to check out the upcoming events! There are several ways to volunteer, including donating to the rescue group! To learn more about this nonprofit group, visit their website.

The first step in adopting a dog from Labrador Rescue Tulsa is to fill out an application.

You can print a copy of the application and complete it at the shelter. Make sure to visit the shelter in person to complete your application. You’ll also want to pay the adoption fee on the day you adopt your new pet. You’ll also need to sign an adoption contract. Taking time to fill out the application and make your adoption fee can make the adoption process go more smoothly.

Labrador Rescue Tulsa has a long history of finding new homes for abandoned dogs, and Snickers was no exception. Wayne Clements, a foster for Labradors with special needs, was paired with Snickers, a two-year-old lab who had been in a hospice for a year. While Snickers was a bit overweight when he was first rescued, he battled his way back to health. Now, he weighs 30 pounds and is enjoying life with his foster family.

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