Labrador Rescue Tampa

Labrador Rescue Tampa

Labrador Rescue Tampa

Founded in 2010, Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to rehabilitating and placing Labradors into permanent, loving homes. With limited funds and no central facility, this non-profit relies on the generosity of its partners, donors, and foster families to provide the necessary care for the dogs in its care. Founded as a small, grassroots organization, Labrador Rescue of Florida has grown into the state’s largest breed-specific rescue.

The process for adopting a Labrador starts with an online application. The non-refundable adoption fee goes towards the cost of the dog’s care. The application will ask about the applicant’s family, home, and desired dog, among other questions. Once the application is approved, a volunteer will visit the applicant’s home to check the applicant’s home for appropriate dog care. Then, a veterinarian will visit the home and the prospective dog’s foster family for approval.

LRROF adopts dogs at all stages of their life, from puppies to seniors.

Because of their wide range of ages, they are often fearful of adopting an elder Labrador, but the organization stresses that adopting an older dog will benefit both the animal and the adopter. LRROF staff explains why older Labradors are often the best option for adopters. A new home means a new life for a dog with a permanent home and loving family.

Another local animal rescue organization is Happy Trails Animal Rescue, which does not bill itself as a nonprofit but has a large website and many adoptable dogs. Adoption fees vary by breed, age, and the demand for each dog. Although the organization is non-profit, it provides medical care and shelter to dogs in need of loving homes. The rescue is staffed primarily by volunteers, so the money raised is used to care for the dogs in its care.

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