Labrador Rescue Oregon

Labrador Rescue Oregon

Labrador For Sale and Labrador Breeders

If you’ve ever wanted a Labrador, you’ve likely come across the website of Labrador Rescue Oregon. While the organization is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the group has offices in other states as well. Clicking on the state’s number will bring you to a list of lab dog rescues. You can even submit your dog for adoption by email! To get started, just fill out this brief form and a member of the Rescue Oregon team will contact you.

When you sign up to adopt a Labrador through the rescue program, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different dogs and types of placements. You’ll find older dogs listed by owners, as well as puppies and older dogs that have been rescued from shelters due to serious injuries. Depending on your preference, you can also choose between a show dog and a pet. Many rescues will also work with special needs dogs.

The rescue group has a very active rescue program, and consistently breaks records. They work with local shelters to find good homes for shelter Labs in need. In 1995, the organization found homes for 210 shelter Labs. Of the 260 Labs they rescued, only twelve were euthanized because of poor health or injuries. It’s not easy saving a Lab, so the group also works with the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue to provide support.

Chloe is a sweet and friendly pup who loves being petted and retrieving tennis balls.

She should be introduced to other dogs gradually, as she can be a bit grumbly at first. She gets along great with the resident Lab, and she barks at delivery people. She has already learned how to play nicely with children. If you’re looking for a Labrador for your family, Berkeley is one of the best choices!

A Labrador rescue’s mission is to find a suitable home for each dog. These dogs are big, so they need plenty of space. They also have a difficult time with other animals. You’ll have to invest some time and energy to help them adjust to their new homes. Thankfully, these dogs are well-cared for by the rescue staff. This is the only way to keep them safe and healthy. And if you are a new adoptive parent, you can even take them to dog rescue!

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