Labrador Puppy Facts

Labrador Puppy Facts

Important Labrador Puppy Facts

The Labrador Puppy, also known as Labrador Retriever or simply Labrador, is an excellent type of hunting dog. They are typically used as search and rescue dogs, tracking dogs, and hunting aids. The Labrador Retriever, more commonly abbreviated to Labrador, was originally bred from imported Canadian hunting dogs. It is one of the leading dogs in several important countries in the world, especially in the Western hemisphere. It can be trained to be an effective service dog. It is popular as a companion dog for elderly people.

The Labrador Retriever is very protective, loyal, and energetic. It should be socialized from an early age onwards, given that it can become hostile when placed in a new environment. The Labrador Puppy should not be punished for chewing or barking and this behavior should continue as long as necessary.

Here are some important Labrador puppy facts. This breed is the smallest of the large sporting dogs and is a great choice for the owner who does not have room for a larger sized dog. These puppies grow up to about twelve pounds when they reach the adult stage. The Labrador puppy’s body is covered with elegant silky hair. The adult male Labrador weighs no more than eight pounds at full maturity.

The Labrador puppy’s temperament and personality make it a wonderful choice as a family pet.

The Labrador Puppy is friendly, intelligent, and obedient. The Labrador Puppy enjoys companionship and will often accompany its owner to the office, shopping, and other outings. A well-socialized Labrador Puppy will often be used to all kinds of people and circumstances. A typical Labrador puppy will have a sweet nature, an eagerness to please, and easy-going temperament.

Labrador Puppies loves their human companionship and will do whatever is asked of them. Labradors make excellent watchdogs and excellent first pets. Labradors are loyal, cuddly, and energetic dogs that can be very loving and affectionate. The Labrador Puppy’s intelligence and curiosity are tempered by a zest for life and a willingness to learn. This breed is an outdoor breed that will need plenty of exercises and often excels in that area.

Labrador Puppy Facts include the fact that Labradors are extremely easy to train and they have an innate aptitude for training.

They are eager to please and so will often get on well with other dogs. The Labrador puppy is very trainable and so will fit in easily with family environments. The Labrador puppy is a very playful breed and usually will run and play with other dogs when they are young.

Labrador Puppy facts include the fact that Labs are very energetic and so require a daily dose of exercise. They are also very sensitive and if not trained properly will often be prone to barking and whining. Labs are very friendly toward humans but some Labs do tend to be snappish. The Labrador puppy enjoys physical exercise and likes to run around in circles. The puppy will need lots of outside exercise with good companionship.

Labrador puppy facts include the fact that Labs have a shorter than average life span. They are prone to some hip dysplasia problems and are susceptible to many diseases. The Labrador puppy will need regular medical care including inoculations. You must do your research before buying a Labrador puppy.

Labrador puppy facts include the fact that Labs are very intelligent and so make great watchdogs.

In the past Labs were used as gun dogs. Nowadays they are great pets for families with small children. The Labrador puppy will respond quickly to voice commands. If raised in an environment where there are no negative influences, Labs make great pets.

If you are thinking about adopting a Labrador, you should check with your local AKC chapter and see if they have any references or lists of approved breeders. If possible you should visit the home of the proposed owner to see if he or she has a Labrador dog. If the home lives up to your expectations it will be a wonderful addition to your home and family. So go out and have some fun searching for that perfect Labrador puppy for you and your family.

If you have found what you believe to be a good home for your Labrador puppy, take a trip to the breeder’s premises to see how the puppy is being handled.

There are also important Labrador puppy facts since you want to make sure your dog is not being mistreated. If possible you should see the pup in its carrier. The carrier should always be kept near the person who is taking the dog because it can be very distracting to the puppy. When you bring your new puppy home, it is important to establish what roles each member of the family will have with the puppy. You should always put your new family member and the puppy on a schedule and introduce them to one another and each other’s routine first.

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