Labrador Crate Size

Labrador Crate Size

Labrador Crate Size

Air Travel Labrador Crate Size and Selections

So you’ve decided that it’s time to take your new pet onto the catwalk. Before you do, you need to know where to buy a Labrador Crate for your new canine companion. Before you head down to the pet store or pet supply store do this first: measure your dog’s neck. This is important because the safest place for your new pet is where they can see themselves from all angles. Be sure to get a collar that wraps around their neck snugly and a fastener that is strong enough to hold but not so strong as to be choking or hurting your dog in any way.

Best Large Copper Dog Crates for Labrador Retrievers. are recommending the Gold Retriever HFA Plastic Dog Crate for years now! It is the perfect size for Labrador Retriever over twenty pounds and its sturdy, heavy-duty plastic construction makes it extremely secure and safe. They come in two major varieties the folding wire crates and plastic folding wire crates. Both of them come in several colors.

Which one is the best dog crate size for you?

The answer is… it depends. Each breed has different needs, and some of them are much larger than others. Here are some things to consider when choosing a Labrador crate size:

* Size Does It Make A Difference?

If you have more than one pet and rarely travel then the larger the crates the better. This will allow more than one person to easily walk in and out without bumping into each other, which is good if you have more than one cat or dog. On the other hand, if you travel quite frequently you may want to choose a smaller plastic crate. Even if you never plan to fly with your pet, but only do a weekend trip or two with your furry friends the small plastic tray will be adequate for your travels.

* How Does The Color And Design Affect A Good Option?

While the color and design of a plastic crate may seem pretty simple the design of them does affect your pet’s comfort and safety. Make sure that the plastic you buy has some type of zipper or snap on the front so that you can easily open and close the crate. Also, look for an easy to clean plastic material.

* Frisco Plastic Kennel: Does It Have Enough Room?

The great thing about a Frisco plastic kennel is that it comes in three sizes. That way if you have more than one dog you can purchase the bigger size to start with and as you get closer to a family limit you can upgrade to the next size. It also comes in several different colors and patterns. Which one you choose really comes down to what the best choice is for your family and your needs.

* How Does It Feel?

The best crate for most people is the one that feels comfortable. If you plan on having your dog on the leash all day long then the crate must fit right in with that. Some of the smaller plastic trays can be hard on your dog’s neck and can make it to wince every time he gets close to it.

Wire Crates Vs Plastic The wire crates by far offer the best flexibility and comfort.

However, they are also the heaviest and some dogs may find them uncomfortable even when on the leash. There are also plastic ones on the market that have the same durability as the wire ones but are lighter and easier to pack up and move. Some plastic air travel dog crates on the market can be filled up but there isn’t much padding so try to avoid these if you plan on bringing your dog on vacation with you.


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