Jack Russell Puppy Training

Jack Russell Puppy Training

Jack Russell Puppy Training

Jack Russell training short tips. The Jack Russel dogs is one of the most active and energetic kinds of dogs, so first of all, if you want to have this dog or already have one, you might already know. First of all, you will need extra space and a large backyard would be good, if not you might want to often take him for a stroll and play in the park, but this might get a bit tricky when you have your Jack Russell socialize with other dogs. So, the first easy training for your Jack Russell can be easily adapt and socialize is try to take it outside very often in the scale every day every morning or afternoon then 5 times a week and 3-4 times a week if your Jack Russell already adapts with the neighborhood.

One key factor when training a Jack Russell is, like any other dogs, you have to be dominant, you are the leader of the pack. Be consistent, do not hesitate, otherwise, it will make your Jack Russell Terrier confuse and lost their respects.

Another additional but maybe this is my personal tips and its subjective, don’t ever share your bed with your Jack Russell, if you are then try to be dominant as possible, for example, never allow your JR (Jack Russell) to growl in the bed. So, for pre caution I never allowed my JR to share a bed with me or my family. I gave him his own bed, and I teach him to sleep at it especially at night.

Overall, to be good at training a Jack Russell Terrier, first, you must have confidence, never hesitate, give your dog a soft correction always if his not obey you (never work with violence, this only gets backfire)., give them a proper love. If these basic skills can be mastered by you, your JR will be the best dog and loyal to you and your family.

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