Jack Russell Killing Rats

Jack Russell Killing Rats

How to Handle Your Jack Russell Killing Rats

Have you considered adopting a Jack Russell Terrier? While they are a very powerful and agile breed of dog, they are also fiercely loyal and possessive of their owners. This alone makes them a great choice for most homes.

However, there are some issues that potential owners should be aware of before choosing to adopt a Jack Russell. This article is meant to inform prospective dog owners of the traits associated with this powerful and intelligent breed and what you can expect from your new best friend.

Yes, jack Russell terriers will indeed kill mice and other small rodents.

Jack Russell terriers were originally bred to be hunting dogs; they have such a strong prey drive and when outdoors, your Jack Russell will be extremely alert and constantly excited to hunt down and kill a small rodent or mice.

If presented with an opportunity, your Jack Russell will attack and kill any rodent or small animal that enters its territory. They have been known to kill more than one mouse at a time! They make great pets and are also known for their loyalty, intelligence, and willingness to please their owners.

While being a hunting dog, Jack Russell terriers have been known to be extremely proficient at catching small animals such as mice. They are capable of catching small rats, squirrels, and even opossums and possums if left to their own devices! They are also very adept at killing mice on their own.

As far as how they hunt, jack Russell terriers are known for their extreme agility in both agility field tests and on a live prey test.

In agility field tests, they have proven to score the highest! On a live prey test, they have been shown to kill three times more rats than any other breed of dog. Jack Russell terriers have been tested in many different environments and have proven to be effective no matter what the environment is. These traits make them the perfect hunting dogs. They can easily track, locate, seize prey and kill it without difficulty.

Jack Russell terriers are also very loyal to their owners. They are known to be very affectionate towards children and other pets. They are very protective of their owners and will not let anything harm them. They also love to play with other dogs. These dogs love to be around other animals and are considered to be very intelligent.

Their intelligence and love of animals make them a joy to have as a pet and they are very easy to train.

Training your jack Russell terrier should begin as early as possible. Get them used to train early. Once you introduce them to the crate, they will learn better to stay on the leash. Use positive reinforcement while training and be patient, since they are a very fast learner.

Always keep in mind that rats are highly sensitive to pain, and they will quickly figure out that if they are hurt, they will likely get some revenge for it. If you have young children, it is imperative to supervise where they are playing and what they are doing at the time. Never allow a child to play with a rat or they could become extremely fearful.

Make sure that your child is old enough to understand that the toy they are holding up is dangerous.

Also, keep in mind that your pet will not forget what they did wrong and will probably do it again if they are given the chance.

When handling your jack Russell terrier, make sure to be gentle and kind. Do not snap at them, use your voice gently and try to keep them interested. If they become bored, they may turn to another activity to occupy their time.

When handling them, be consistent with who you are dealing with, especially since jack Russells are famous for being stubborn. The best way to train them is by being consistent yourself and giving them positive reinforcement when they do something right.

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