Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix: A Complete Guide

If you are thinking about getting a Jack Russell Chihuahua/mix, you’re in for a treat. We’ll take a look at their personalities, health, and concerns.

What’s a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix?

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix combines a Jack Russell Terrier and a Chihuahua. This Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix can be used as a family pet or in an apartment.


The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix, a rare breed, combines the best qualities of both the Jack Russell Terrier and the Chihuahua. This breed makes a charming and dynamic dog.

These personality traits make up the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix:

  • These dogs are energetic and playful and are great for families who enjoy being active outdoors.
  • Brave and confident: The Jack Russell Terrier is known for being brave and confident. These characteristics are also found in Jack Russell’s Chihuahua Mix.
  • They love to cuddle with their owners
  • Independent Jack Russell Chihuahua Mixes can be very independent and not always follow orders. Training and socialization are vital for Jack Russell Chihuahua Mixes.
  • Alert: The Chihuahua is a watchdog breed. They bark rapidly to alert their owners and are extremely alert.
  • Sturdiness: Jack Russell Terriers are well-known for their stubborn nature. This trait is also found in Jack Russell’s Chihuahua Mix.

Learn about the personality traits of Jack Russell Chihuahua mix Jack Russell Chihuahuas to help you decide if these dogs are right for you.

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix


The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Jack Russell Terrier is a small and charming breed. The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is distinctive by its unique appearance. It combines the best aspects of the Jack Russell Terrier and the Chihuahua.

  1. Size: Jack Russell Chihuahua mix Jack Russell Chihuahuas are small and weigh between 6 to 15 pounds. They measure 7-12 inches from the shoulder.
  2. Coat – The coat can either be short like the Jack Russell Terrier or long like the Chihuahua. You have the option of choosing from brown, white, or a combination.
  3. Ears – Jack Russell Chihuahua mix can have pointed ears like Jack Russell Terrier or floppy ears that look similar to the Chihuahua.
  4. Tail – The Jack Russell Chihuahua mix’s tail can either be short and stiff, like the Jack Russell Terrier or long and feathery, like the Chihuahua.
  5. Face: Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is cute and expressive. His features include a short, expressive nose, expressive eyes, and a large, expressive snout.

These characteristics make Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix an attractive and unique breed. They are small and easy to live in apartments because of their size.

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Health Concerns

The Jack Russell Chihuahua/Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is generally healthy. You should know the potential health issues to ensure your pet’s health.

These are common health concerns the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix faces:

  1. Dental Problems
  2. Patellar Luxation refers to a condition where the kneecap moves from its normal position. It causes pain and lameness. It can be treated surgically if necessary.
  3. Heart Diseases: Small breeds like the Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix can become susceptible to heart diseases, such as congestive cardiac failure or mitral valve disease.
  4. Eye problems in Jack Russell Chihuahuas: These problems can be identified early by a veterinarian and treated accordingly.
  5. Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar levels drop too low in a dog. This can lead to weakness and seizures. It is crucial to ensure they eat regularly and track their food intake.

Avoid these common health problems so the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix stays happy and healthy for many more years.

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Care and Maintenance

Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is small but energetic. This dog breed requires proper care to be happy and healthy.

  1. Exercise: These dogs need to be active. To keep them entertained, interactive toys are recommended.
  2. Grooming Jack Russell Chihuahua mix has a short, straight coat that can be maintained by regular brushing
  3. The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix has a small size and requires a balanced diet.
  4. This breed is intelligent and responsive to training. Positive reinforcement techniques like praise and rewards are highly recommended.
  5. Socialization: Jack Russell Chihuahua mix Jack Russell Chihuahuas need to be socialized as soon as possible. This will reduce fearfulness and shyness.
  6. Dental Care: Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix must take good care of their teeth. Regular brushing will keep them healthy and their gums healthy.

Jack Russell Chihuahuas can live long and healthy life with proper care.


Jack Russell Chihuahua mixes are intelligent and easy to train. Dogs tend to chew and dig so make sure you have lots of chew bones and toys.

The Jack Russell Chihuahua makes a great companion dog.

  1. Get started early: Your Jack Russell Chihuahua puppy will learn quicker if you start training them soon. Puppyhood is the best time to start training.
  2. Use positive reinforcement. Jack Russell Chihuahua mix Jack Russell Chihuahuas respond well to positive reinforcement techniques like praise, toys, and treats.
  3. Jack Russell Chihuahua mix training is essential. They should be consistent in using the same commands and gestures each time.
  4. Be cool. It can be frustrating to train Jack Russell Chihuahua mix dogs, especially if they are stubborn. Take breaks, and if necessary, go back to the beginning.
  5. Socialization – The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix can be a crucial part of their training. It can reduce shyness, and fearfulness and increase obedience.
  6. Basic Commands: Start with the most basic commands, such as sit, stay, and come. As they get more proficient, advanced commands can be added.
  7. Consistent practice

These tips will make the Jack Russell Chihuahua a pleasant, well-mannered, and obedient companion. You can teach them to follow commands with patience.


The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix, a rare and charming dog breed, will charm you.

Take into account their individual needs before you bring home a Jack Russell Chihuahua. A Jack Russell Chihuahua will live a long and happy life if they are given the right training and attention.

The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix, an intelligent, charming, and energetic dog, is a great companion. If you are looking for an active lifestyle and are a dog lover, the Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix may be the right choice for you.

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