It's The Easter Beagle Charlie Brown

It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown is the 12th primetime animated TV special. Based on the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz, the show premiered on CBS on April 9, 1974, at 8 pm. It is one of the most popular animated series of all time. While many of us are familiar with the Peanuts characters, Charlie Brown is an all-time favorite. It’s the perfect time to watch this classic!

Among the classic children’s cartoons, “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” is a perennial favorite. Although the show is rarely broadcast on CBS, it is available on DVD and other digital formats. With an Apple TV+ subscription, you can watch the classic animated series from the comfort of your home. If you haven’t seen it yet, consider renting it and enjoying it for a whole new level of fun.

The character has appeared in several comic strips since 1968, first appearing in an Easter issue. He has improved his entrance in the Easter episode, making him more recognizable each time. In 1977, he appeared in a giant egg and delivered the eggs. The last time he appeared in the Easter episode was April 7, 1985, when he gave Sally a basket as a hat. The Easter Beagle first appeared on April 14, 1968. In March 1970, he performed an Easter dance with the Woodstock crowd, and gave them an “egg bed.” It was not until the end of the episode that the beagle was named after the event.

Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip features the world’s most famous Beagle, Snoopy.

Because of Snoopy, many people first fell in love with the breed. The comic strip even inspired two real-life Beagles to win Best in Show at a Westminster Kennel Club event. So, if you’re thinking of adopting a Beagle, don’t hesitate – to give it a try.

In the movie, the Easter Beagle comes to visit and delivers colored eggs to children, but doesn’t leave any for Charlie Brown. After the Great Pumpkin mishap on Halloween, Sally is skeptical about his claim. She tells Snoopy, “It’s the Easter Beagle!”

The Easter Beagle gives out eggs to everyone, including Woodstock and Peppermint Patty. They toss each egg to everyone they see, but Snoopy follows closely and snatches each egg as it lands. Eventually, the Easter Beagle gives Charlie Brown an empty basket full of eggs. Meanwhile, Marcie gets a delivery of eggs from Peppermint Patty. She is instructed to salt them and eat them!

Snoopy, meanwhile, has been forced into rancorous isolation by his packmates. When his human companions find him, they decide to give him a taste of human civilization. The human pack is furious, and Charlie Brown laments that Snoopy’s civilized lifestyle is not sustainable. But Charlie Brown reminds Snoopy that his life in the Great White North would have been much worse, with no time to eat five pizzas and fight a World War.