Husky Corgi Mix

The Corgi Husky Mix: An Overview of This Adorable Crossbreed Dog

The corgi husky mix, also known as a horgi or siborgi, is a popular crossbreed dog that blends the best qualities of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Siberian Husky. This hybrid dog combines the sweet, affectionate nature of the corgi with the playfulness and energy of the husky.

An Introduction to the Corgi Husky Mix

As a fairly recent mixed breed, the origins of the corgi husky mix are unknown. However, by understanding the background and traits of both parent breeds – the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Siberian Husky – we can get a good idea of what to expect with these adorable corgi husky mixes.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an energetic working breed that originated from Wales. Known for their fox-like faces, stubby legs, and big, erect ears, corgis make excellent family companions due to their affectionate and playful nature. Though small in stature, corgis were historically used to herd cattle and are therefore energetic, vocal, and highly intelligent.

Pembroke Welsh corgis have a double coat that can range from red, sable, fawn, and black and white. They generally weigh 25-30 pounds and stand 10-12 inches tall from paw to shoulder. Corgis are steady, friendly dogs, though their herding background means they may nip at heels and can be stubborn. The American Kennel Club (AKC) categorizes them in the Herding Group.

The Siberian Husky

Hailing from Siberia where they belonged to the Chukchi people, Siberian huskies were bred to pull light loads over long distances. This heritage means that modern huskies are athletic, energetic working dogs that need plenty of exercise and outdoor time.

Huskies sport a luxurious double coat, enabling them to thrive in cold climates. Their coat colors are varied but typically include black and white. They have a wolf-like appearance with alert, upright ears, and piercing blue or brown eyes. Weighing 35-60 pounds and measuring 20-23.5 inches tall, huskies are medium-sized dogs. They are friendly and gentle but can be independent and challenging to train due to their strong will. The AKC classifies them as part of the Working Group.

Temperament of Corgi Husky Mixes

What is the Temperament of Corgi Husky Mixes?

The temperament of a corgi husky mix can vary greatly depending on which parent breed they take after more. Some pups lean more towards the feisty and energetic Siberian husky temperament, while others exhibit the more docile and loyal Pembroke Welsh corgi personality. However, most corgi husky mixes land somewhere in the middle.

Outgoing and Friendly

Corgi husky mixes tend to be very outgoing, social dogs that get along well with new people and other pets when properly socialized. They inherit the Siberian husky’s pack mentality, meaning they view their human families as their “pack” and desire close companionship. Many owners describe them as friendly with everyone.

Playful and Energetic

Both parent breeds of the corgi husky mix were working dogs, so it’s no surprise these hybrids need plenty of activity and play. Their energy levels are medium to high, especially as puppies and younger dogs. Without sufficient exercise, these intelligent pups become easily bored and may resort to unwanted behaviors like chewing, barking or digging. Providing at least 30-60 minutes of vigorous daily activity is important.

Affectionate and Loving

While Siberian huskies often show more independence, corgi husky crosses seem to exhibit plenty of the Pembroke Welsh corgi’s innate desire to be close to their owners. Most enjoy snuggling up beside their favorite people whenever possible. They often remain exceptionally attached into adulthood, serving as loyal and doting companions.

Alert and Intelligent

Blessed with intelligence from both parent breeds, the corgi husky mix is a smart hybrid dog that thrives when given mental stimulation along with physical activity. Whether it’s a challenging game of fetch, learning tricks, or participating in dog sports, these crosses need outlets for their mental sharpness. Alert and observant, they also make good watchdogs.

Occasionally Vocal

The vocal tendencies of Siberian huskies often get passed down to corgi husky mixes. It’s not unusual for them to “talk” to their owners or make their needs known with a wide range of cute woofs, howls, whines, and other verbalizations.

May Herd People or Other Pets

Thanks to their Pembroke Welsh corgi lineage, some corgi husky mixes retain the corgi’s innate herding instincts. Don’t be surprised if they attempt to herd kids, cats, or other dogs by nipping lightly at heels and circling around their targets. Early training can curb unwanted herding behaviors.

With their winning blend of corgi and husky traits, well-socialized corgi husky mixes make exceptional family companions for active owners. Their moderate energy levels and playful, people-focused personalities allow them to thrive in households with children. Despite their occasional stubborn streak, they respond exceptionally well to positive reinforcement training methods focused on firm leadership, consistency, and rewards. Clever, affectionate, and devoted, the corgi husky mix temperament delights most owners.

What Do Corgi Husky Mixes Look Like

Appearance: What Do Corgi Husky Mixes Look Like?

The appearance of corgi husky mixes can vary greatly since they are a crossbreed. Puppies from the same litter can look very different. Their looks often blend the characteristics of both parent breeds.


  • Medium-sized, usually weighing 30-50 pounds
  • Height ranges from short like a corgi to taller like a husky
  • Males tend to be 35-50 pounds, females 30-45 pounds

Coat and Coloring

  • Fluffy double coat that sheds heavily
  • Length can be medium like a husky or longer like a corgi
  • Colors include black, brown, red, grey, blonde, white, tan
  • Markings are often multi-colored from both parent breeds

Head and Facial Features

  • Triangular, erect husky-like ears
  • Almond-shaped eyes, often one brown and one blue
  • Fox-like facial structure and snout

Body Shape

  • Long body with a tucked waist
  • Short legs like a corgi parent
  • Curled husky tail or stubby corgi tail

Since corgi husky mixes are hybrids, their looks can lean more towards one parent breed or be a blend of both. While appearances differ, most of these crossbreed dogs are undeniably cute and have the iconic facial features of a Siberian husky combined with a Pembroke Welsh corgi’s adorable body shape. Their expressions and antics never fail to delight!

Corgi Husky Mix Health and Care

Corgi Husky Mix Health and Care

Like all dogs, corgi husky mixes need plenty of love, attention, and proper care to live happy, healthy lives. Their expected lifespan is 10-15 years. As with any hybrid, health and care is vital.

Grooming Needs

  • Heavy shedders that blow coat 1-2 times per year
  • Require weekly brushing year-round to control loose fur
  • Occasional bathing when dirty using dog-safe shampoo
  • Check and clean ears weekly for infection
  • Brush teeth routinely to prevent disease
  • Trim nails every 2-3 weeks to maintain paw health

Exercise Requirements

  • Very energetic and needs 30-60 minutes of vigorous exercise daily
  • Enjoy activities like jogging, hiking, playing fetch, and learning dog sports
  • Prone to weight gain and joint issues if activity needs aren’t met
  • Secure fencing is a must to keep these athletic escape artists safe

Training Best Practices

  • Respond exceptionally well to positive reinforcement training techniques
  • Early and ongoing socialization is key for a friendly, well-adjusted temperament
  • Crate training is highly recommended for housebreaking and during their destructive puppy-chewing stage
  • Can be stubborn but intelligence allows them to master commands quickly

Feeding Tips

  • Two smaller high-quality dry dog food meals daily
  • Use dog food formulated specifically for medium or large breeds
  • Limit treats and monitor weight closely
  • Feed one to two cups of food at each meal, adjusted for age, size, and activity level
  • Provide constant access to fresh, clean water

Health Problems to Screen For

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Eye issues like cataracts
  • Hypothyroidism and hormone imbalances
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Allergies and skin problems

With attentive care and early health screening, the corgi husky mix is a vigorous hybrid that lives happily for years as a loyal family companion.

Finding a Corgi Husky Mix Puppy

Finding a Corgi Husky Mix Puppy

Adorable corgi husky mix puppies are growing in popularity, but take care finding an ethical breeder committed to the breed’s long-term health.

What to Expect to Pay

As a designer hybrid, corgi husky mixes are costlier than average mixed breeds. Pricing factors include:

  • Demand and popularity in your region
  • Breeder reputation, knowledge, and facilities
  • Parent breed pedigree and proof of registrations
  • Litter size and availability
  • Inclusion of a spay/neuter contract
  • Health testing performed on parents

Corgi husky mix puppy prices typically range between $500 – $1500. Exceptionally bred pups with champion pedigreed parents sometimes cost upwards of $2000+.

For comparison, Pembroke Welsh corgi and Siberian husky purebreds usually start around $1000 and can run $1500 – $3000+ from premiere breeders.

Crossbreeds like the corgi husky without breeding rights tend to be priced on the lower end, around $500 – $800.

Breeder Screening

Since you’re making a major investment, carefully vet any prospective breeder:

  • Ask about parent dog lineage and proof of purebred status
  • Review certifications for genetic and orthopedic health tests
  • Confirm they offer post-purchase support and health guarantees
  • Request references from past puppy buyers
  • Visit their facility in person to meet parent dogs if possible

Reputable breeders readily provide this documentation and welcome site visits. Transparent communication from the initial contact onwards is also essential.

For maximum cuteness and lifelong value, take time to locate an exceptional corgi husky mix breeder committed to furthering this popular new hybrid dog breed.

Caring for a Corgi Husky Mix

Caring for a Corgi Husky Mix: A Rewarding Experience

Bringing home an adorable corgi husky mix puppy starts an exciting, rewarding chapter…along with major responsibilities! Be realistic about this active hybrid’s extensive care needs before making the leap into dog ownership.

Exercise – At Least 30-60 Minutes Daily

As working breed descendants, corgi husky mixes need loads of vigorous activity and playtimes. Plan on dedicating 30-60 minutes per day to exercising your pup. Take them on walks, jogs, hikes, and swimming adventures to expend their boundless energy. Games of fetch, frisbee, and learning new tricks also mentally stimulate these intelligent crosses.

Grooming & Shedding Management

The corgi husky sheds continuously and then blows their coat seasonally. Without weekly brushing year-round, your home will be fur-covered in no time! Bathe when dirty, trim nails regularly, and check their ears for infection too. Schedule regular grooming appointments to keep shedding under control.

Proper Training & Socialization

Corgi husky mixes are bright and trainable using positive reinforcement training techniques. But without extensive early socialization and obedience work, their strong-willed nature can become problematic. Sign up for puppy classes immediately, expose them to new people and pets often, and practice basic commands daily. Consistency is key!

Nutrition – High-Quality Dog Foods Only

Your corgi husky needs a balanced diet rich in protein and nutrients to fuel their high drive. Feed them premium large breed dry kibble formulated specifically for energetic hybrids. Limit unhealthy scraps and monitor calorie intake as this mix easily gains weight.

If you’re prepared to invest ample time, energy, and money into properly caring for one, the charismatic corgi husky mix will reward you exponentially with years of fun and affection.

In Conclusion:

Key Factors Description
Exercise At least 30-60 minutes per day
Grooming Weekly brushing and shedding control
Training Early socialization & obedience work
Nutrition High-quality large breed dry dog food

While not a breed suited for novice or sedentary owners, in the right homes the corgi husky mix makes a delightful, lively companion. Fun-loving, friendly and devoted, this popular crossbreed dog wins over most families with their enthusiasm, clownish antics and unbridled affection!