Hudson Valley Rottweiler Rescue

Hudson Valley Rottweiler Rescue

Hudson Valley Rottweiler Rescue Spots Four Rescue Dogs

Hello, I am Delilah. I am a passionate advocate of adopting a Rottweiler. I have always had an affection for dogs and have raised Rottweilers myself as well as adopting one. Now, located in Hudson Valley Rottweiler Rescue, I volunteer to help in any way that I can to help the animals that are abused and neglected in our local shelters. If you would like to learn more about adopting a Rottweiler or other dog rescue, please read on.

The process of adopting a Rottweiler is rather easy. There is an adoption process that must be followed. The animal’s owner must register with the local humane society, provide proof of vaccinations and submit to a background and health check by the humane society. The agency receives a request for information and conducts a background and health check to determine if the prospective owner meets all of the requirements.

When the application is reviewed and approved, a nominal fee is collected.

This funds the costs for advertising and the marketing of the website. The rescue organization, through the United States Corporation, owns the Hudson valley rescue. Once a suitable Rottweiler is found, they will make an application to the humane society to be placed for adoption. The application requires information about the owner and any history of abuse or violence.

The Rottweilers belong to the American Kennel Club and are automatically included in the breed standard. The breed is constantly bred for perfection and should never be crossed with any other breed. Certain genetic defects can only be passed on by the parents, these include flat feet, a short coat, and one eye that are smaller than the other. The Hudson valley LLC is the only rescue organization in the nation that allows the breeding of these dogs.

These dogs were left at the animal shelter after it was discovered that one of them had been abused.

They were given to a specialized rescue where they received treatment and care. The lucky dog was able to live for several months with the help of a mobile pet unit and was then released into a loving home where a caring family took on the responsibility of caring for her. Because this is not typical of a Rottweiler’s personality, the staff at the humane society were overwhelmed by the dog’s love and loyalty and quickly worked out an adoption plan for the dog.

On March 17th, the dog’s owner, after working with the humane society for months was notified that he would be facing two more months of living with the Rottweilers at the Hudson Valley Rover Rescue in New Jersey. When the owner presented the dog’s information about their previous owners, the name of one of the dogs contained an F-O-U-L. This is an example of how a dog’s name can change due to genetic factors. The name of one dog “F-O-U-L” means “Free-Or-Liver”. The owner wanted to change this name to “Sister Need” since his sister has health problems that require specialized medical care.

Since “Sister Need” does not rhyme with “Sister”, the owner decided to adopt the name of the dog when the new owner arrived in town.

Due to the dog’s temperament, the owner…who is originally from India, has chosen to use “Nehru” as the last name? The name change was not only temporary as the dog proved to be friendly and lively, but the new family really enjoys the dog and adores him. They have nicknamed him “Indian.” Due to the dog’s friendly nature and loving attitude toward people, the family has decided to adopt him and give him a brand new home.

The vet who specializes in Indian dogs contacted the humane society to help with the transition. The first thing the staff noticed was a deep affection the Rottweilers had for their new owners…particularly the dog who was adopted as their “sister.” From the start, the staff understood that this breed requires special attention and a commitment from the owner…particularly from the veterinarian.

The staff made a list of changes that needed to be made before the dog’s arrival to ensure that the dog would be healthy during his time in the new home.

Included on that list was the addition of veterinarian visits, vaccinations, grooming, health exams, and even a welcome home kit to provide the dog with his basic needs while in the waiting environment.

This caring and dedicated approach to helping an Indian Ridgehound rescue succeed was appreciated by the entire staff and are what brought the four dogs to a great home.

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