How To Train A Basset Hound To Hunt

How To Train A Basset Hound To Hunt

How to Train a Basset Hound to Hunt Successfully Without Any Injury

For many Basset Hounds, the dream is to be a hunting dog and to hunt regularly. They love being outdoors and being able to smell games. Hunting Bassets has also been a great pastime for many generations and a lot of the breed’s history is related to hunting. It just makes the whole thing a little more interesting.

As with any other dog, starting your Basset Hound’s training can be a little difficult, even though they are small. It is not unusual for them to be stubborn or to have issues. This can be frustrating at times, but keep at it and you should be able to train your new puppy in no time. The first step is to set up a training area, whether it is your home or an outside pen. Most puppies will start with an outside area since that is where they will see what they can eat or where they can go to do their business.

Once you have your hunting area ready, you need to get down to work teaching your Basset Hound pup how to hunt.

The best way to begin this type of training is to use a positive reinforcement method. This can be done with food rewards or praise for good behavior. Be patient as this may take several days before you see any results, but as soon as your pup shows any sign of eagerness to hunt, immediately put him on a leash and take him to his starting pen or field. Put a toy or something that he likes in the middle of the field so that he gets excited about searching it out.

When he gets near his prize, let’s say a rabbit, make sure to reward him with a hug or a treat. Don’t try to force him to go after the rabbit. This will teach your dog that rabbits are not fun and that they should only be a threat. Be patient because it will take a few attempts until your Basset Hound learns to hunt properly and he won’t always go for the rabbit.

One important piece of equipment when learning how to train a basset hound to hunt effectively is a dog house.

It does not matter if you’re using other dogs or live bait, but having a secure place to hunt allows your dog to focus on the task at hand – catching the prey. The house should be enclosed and have a couple of things inside. If the house is enclosed, make sure the windows are closed. You’ll also want to add a distraction such as a wheel or a toy so that your dog has something to chase after instead of the prey itself. The more he wants the toy, the more he’ll be drawn in.

Another important piece of equipment when learning how to train a basset hound to hunt effectively is a collar with a harness. Having a collar with a harness means that your dog is securely fastened to you and will be much less likely to run off. A choke collar is also an option but keeps in mind that it restricts your dog’s movement so it is used on very young puppies who have yet to learn proper behavior. There is no need to use a choke if you are training a puppy.

Another important piece of equipment when learning how to train a basset hound to hunt successfully is a hunting dog of some kind.

Young puppies are fine on their own but mature dogs can be tougher to handle. Get your dog a starter dog or a family dog that will grow along with him and learn together. Basset Hounds has a reputation for being very intelligent and hard-working. With proper training and a lot of patience, they can easily become very effective hunting dogs.

Knowing how to train a basset hound to hunt successfully without injuries takes time and patience. If you are having trouble getting through your training program then consider enrolling in an obedience class. There are many trainers available and with the help of an instructor, you can learn how to be an effective hunter right from home. Hunting is an outdoor sport that requires a lot of endurance, agility, and agility. With these traits, any dog can be an excellent hunter.

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