How To Get A Pomeranian To Stop Barking

How To Get A Pomeranian To Stop Barking

Tips on How to Get a Pomeranian to Stop Barking

How to get a Pomeranian to stop barking is something of a puzzle for most owners. This is especially true when the pup is a young puppy. They learn at an incredibly fast rate and when they are older, they can be trained to do almost anything. But how exactly do you accomplish this task?

The first step is to identify what is causing the barking in the first place. Some breeds have a natural tendency to bark. The Pomeranian may not be barking every time you leave the house. Besides, other causes could include whining, chewing, or even separation anxiety. All of these things can be eliminated with proper training.

When learning how to get a Pomeranian to stop barking, you must establish a regular schedule for training. Create a play schedule that will train the animal for when it is not barking. If the pup’s schedule is interrupted, it will become confused. To start training, you need to use a positive reinforcement system. Always reward your pet with love and attention when they behave positively. If your dog has an accident in the house, no matter how small, always correct this behavior before it becomes negative.

When learning how to get a Pomeranian to stop barking, you also need to know how to deal with negative or inappropriate behavior.

Never punishing the pet will cause more problems than you had intended. Instead, you should focus on praising the correct behavior so that they understand that their barking is appreciated. When the dog understands what you expect, it stops!

There are many training tools available to teach your dog to stop barking. You must find a device that will work the best for your pet. There are electric and spray models available for in-home training as well as electronic devices for outdoor use. One that is recommended is a dog bark collar, the DogRook dog bark collar can handle all the training, it is humane and harmless. You can get it for cheap, less than $40.00 at Amazon, here is the link: DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar.

If your puppy barks when it is time to go to bed, the best solution is a dog-friendly crate. The crate can be put in several different locations and made very attractive to your puppy through the use of toys and attractive tape. When the pup has stopped barking, the puppy will learn that it is to go to its sleeping spot rather than the furniture. This can help to eliminate the problem of excess barking.

Some poms and pooches like to bark at the doorbell, so you may want to consider installing a lock with a key.

Once again, there are several training devices on the market for in-house training or use outdoors. Your veterinarian can give you more specific instructions on how to get a Pomeranian to stop barking. Remember that consistency is essential for the treatment to be effective.

If your dog barks excessively while you are gone, how to get a Pomeranian to stop barking can include using a few simple suggestions. You can try to remove any distractions from your yard before you leave. If this does not work, consider taking your dog out into another part of the house or outside on short walks. Consider stepping out in the neighbor’s yard as well. Once your pet learns to quiet its excessive barking, you will find that you have a much happier and calmer dog.

Some dogs that are suffering from separation anxiety will bark incessantly when you come home or even while you are away. While there are certain medical reasons for this type of barking, many times it is simply a way for the dog to protect you from its environment. One easy solution to solving this problem is to take your dog outside often when you are away. This will help your dog to associate your coming home with a pleasant environment and a comfortable place to be.

Another way how to get a Pomeranian to stop barking is to teach it to be quiet when you are not home.

Simply take a handful of treats and make a loud, clear sound that can be heard only by your dog. This is a simple reward system that can be very effective in discouraging inappropriate barking.

The final method on how to get a Pomeranian to stop barking is to take them out often during the day. During your daily walk or outing, use your voice and gradually raise your voice until your dog becomes comfortable with the situation. If you have a fence that separates your yard from your house, try to put a leash on him and spend some time walking through the backyard while you’re on your way to work or other appointments. Doing this can help you solve your dog’s problem without having to resort to shock collars.

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