How To Find German Shepherd Border Collie Mix Puppies For Sale

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix For Sale Adopt

How to Locate German Shepherd Border Collie Mix Puppies for Sale

Are you searching for a furry companion that combines the best qualities of both German Shepherds and Border Collies? A German Shepherd Border Collie mix might be just what you’re searching for! This hybrid breed is intelligent, loyal, and affectionate – making them excellent family pets or working dogs. But where can you find quality German Shepherd Border Collie mix puppies for sale? In this article, we’ll examine different methods to locate trustworthy breeders so that you can adopt an adorable pup in no time!

Research the Breed

Before searching for German Shepherd Border Collie mix puppies for sale, it is essential to learn more about their characteristics and temperament. This hybrid breed, commonly referred to as a Shollie, can inherit traits from both parent breeds; German Shepherds are renowned for their courage, loyalty, and protective instincts while Border Collies possess high intelligence levels and physical stamina. A Shollie makes an excellent addition to any active family but requires regular exercise and training to stay that way.

Research Local Shelters and Rescue Groups

This step should be done before making any purchases.

One of the best places to find a German Shepherd Border Collie mix puppy for sale is in your local animal shelters and rescue groups. Many mixed-breed dogs end up there and need loving homes, making adoption from an animal shelter or rescue group more cost-effective than buying from breeders, plus you get to give someone who deserves another chance!

Locate Reputable Breeders Online

Finally, it is essential to find reliable breeders when shopping online. If you decide to purchase a German Shepherd Border Collie mix puppy from a breeder, do your research and locate an established breeder. Look for breeders registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) or another respected association; alternatively, search online but be wary of scams or puppy mills. A reliable breeder should provide health certificates for both parents as well as information regarding vaccinations and early socialization of your new pup.

Participate in Dog Shows or Events

Attend dog shows or events with your four-legged best friend! Another way to locate a trustworthy breeder is by attending local dog shows or events. Here, you’ll have the chance to meet breeders face-to-face, view their dogs, and ask questions about their breeding practices. Furthermore, meeting other Shollie owners could give you insights into which breeders they recommend for Shollie owners looking for assistance with breeding decisions.

Consult Your Veterinarian or Trainer

Asking your veterinarian or trainer any questions is always beneficial when choosing a training regimen for your pet.

Your veterinarian or professional dog trainer may also be able to suggest reliable breeders in your area. They may have worked with breeders before or have connections within the dog breeding community.

Consider Adopting an Adult Dog

Adopting an adult dog could be the ideal solution for many dog lovers. If you aren’t sure if you want a puppy, an adult German Shepherd Border Collie mix could be the perfect alternative. Many rescue groups and shelters have adult dogs available for adoption that have already been trained and socialized. Plus, adopting an adult dog may be more affordable than purchasing a pup!

Be Aware of the Responsibilities That Come with Dog Ownership

Before you adopt a pup, it’s important to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Before bringing home a German Shepherd Border Collie mix puppy, be sure to be prepared for all the duties associated with pet ownership. This includes proper nutrition, exercise, medical attention, training, and socialization. A Shollie may make an excellent companion but they need plenty of love and attention in return.

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix For Sale


Finding German Shepherd Border Collie mix puppies for sale takes time and effort, but the reward is worth it when you find a healthy and content pup. Whether you adopt from a shelter or rescue group or purchase from an established breeder, make sure that you do your research and are prepared for all that comes with dog ownership. A German Shepherd Border Collie mix makes an amazing addition to any family, but they require plenty of love, care, and attention to thrive. Make sure your chosen breeder or shelter prioritizes the health and welfare of their dogs so that you provide your new pup with everything necessary for success.


  1. What is a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix?
    Shollie, also known as a German Shepherd Border Collie mix, is an innovative hybrid breed created by crossing the traits of both breeds.
  2. Are German Shepherd Border Collie mix puppies easy to locate?
    German Shepherd Border Collie mix puppies may be harder to locate than other breeds, but they can still be found through trustworthy breeders and shelters.
  3. What type of temperament can be expected with a German Shepherd Border Collie mix?
    German Shepherd Border Collie mixes are known for their intelligent, loyal, and energetic personalities.
  4. How much exercise does a German Shepherd Border Collie mix require?
    German Shepherd Border Collie mixes require frequent physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. They benefit from daily walks, runs, and training sessions.
  5. How can I ensure my German Shepherd Border Collie mix is healthy?
    To keep your German Shepherd Border Collie mix healthy and contented, provide them with proper nutrition, exercise, and medical attention. Regular vet check-ups and vaccinations are also essential to keeping them healthy and contented.


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