How To Discipline A German Shepherd

How To Discipline A German Shepherd

How to Discipline a German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd puppies are ranked amongst the smartest breeds in the canine world and yet they strive hard to please their owner as much as they can so when you train them consistently and do not abuse your dog during training you shall have an obedient, well-behaved, and highly respectful German Shepherd dog that loves you unconditionally. Training your puppy can be an extremely rewarding experience if you do it correctly.

The main thing is to be patient and try not to make excuses yourself or give up! German Shepherd puppy training will teach your puppy commands easily but it takes commitment from both you and your puppy to complete the training.

The most important aspect of training is consistency and firmness.

This means not only in-home training but also taking your dog for regular training classes where you can learn new and reinforce the ones you have already learned. A high-quality German Shepherd breeder is more than likely an expert in dog training and will be able to provide you with useful tips and advice.

It is not unusual to learn new techniques and habits during training so be prepared to review the German Shepherd training manual as each breed will require a slightly different approach to training. Try to avoid using punishment as this will teach your puppy unacceptable behavior and may result in a dog that is overly sensitive and has a low opinion of its owner.

As the puppies grow in size and become aggressive the cost of German Shepherd puppy training will increase substantially as compared to its size when it is still a puppy.

This is because an adult dog has been bred for its constant companion and breeding purposes and does not outgrow the need to be in your company. Therefore an older dog requires more attention and exercise than a puppy and will cost more money in training costs.

This cost should not discourage you from getting an adult dog as many loyal and obedient adult dogs have been used as service and police dogs. These dogs also command a much lower cost than a puppy and will last longer without the need for much extra care or maintenance.

The main way to discipline a German Shepherd puppy is to take time to play with him or her, and not to use any harshness. An aggressive response is only going to encourage further misbehavior as the dog will see this as a sign that it is allowed to do whatever it wants.

If your puppy exhibits bad behavior then make sure to reward it with something tasty to eat as this will only encourage it further and it will be more inclined to do the same behavior. Always let the puppy know that what it is doing is wrong. If it is corrected by you then it will not think that it can do it again and will not misbehave.

The best way to discipline a German shepherd is to reward and praise it for good behavior and when it has done something you approve of.

Never shout at the puppy or use any physical violence as this will just teach it to be afraid of you and avoid socializing with other dogs. An adult dog is fully capable of correcting mistakes it has made in its training so never hit or abuse the puppy physically. If you have been using the crate for many months, then slowly remove it from the puppy until it is fully conditioned to go inside the crate on its own.

The next way to train your German shepherd is to learn how to implement positive discipline versus negative discipline. It is important to teach your puppy or dog the difference between what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior. A good example of how to discipline a German shepherd is to compare it to a human child.

Every single time a German shepherd does something wrong it should be corrected by praising it or giving it a treat. However, if you punish the dog then this will reinforce bad behavior and make it more likely to do the same behavior in the future.

The last way to train your German shepherd effectively is through establishing a routine.

This can be accomplished through daily walks, feeding, playing with the dog, or taking it out to play someplace that is safe and free of other pets or dogs. Providing consistent, positive training methods for your dog breeds will go a long way to having a lasting impact on their behavior.

You can even start a little fun and creativity by doing things like putting on different hats for your German Shepherd so that it will learn to differentiate between good and bad behavior. All of these techniques and many more can be found on the Internet and if you look for them you will find that there are many resources available for you to take advantage of.

The most important thing that you should remember when learning how to discipline a German shepherd puppy is that you must do it correctly the first time. You must not repeat the same mistake over again and this is why it is important to practice the basics of training your dog first.

Once you have perfected those skills then that is when you can move onto more advanced commands. It is not uncommon for an older dog to become confused or get frustrated with something that they have done wrong so you must be patient and calm if you want your dog to learn new tricks. If you are consistent with the rules you set for your dog and you don’t give up too soon then you should have no problem pleasing your dog and making him/her obedient every single time.

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