How To Clean Dachshund Ears

How To Clean Dachshund Ears

How to Clean Dachshund Ears Properly

How to clean dachshund ears is important for dog owners to prevent ear infections. Dirty ears can lead to bad breath as well as other health conditions like colds and even cancer. Your dog’s skin is its largest organ, so it deserves to be cared for as well as possible. When it comes to ears, dogs need grooming just like humans do. Here are some quick and easy methods to groom and clean your dachshund’s ears:

Baking soda. This substance is an excellent product for dachshund ears. Simply mix it in a bowl, add your dog’s water and allow the mixture to sit. After fifteen minutes or so, wipe the ear using the mixture. Baking soda is an inexpensive, natural substance. Baking soda is also great for cleaning and treating a swimmer’s ear, halitosis, and ear mites.

Fish oil capsules are another wonderful treat for your pet. They will moisturize the ears and help to heal irritations that can cause itching. You can also buy capsules at a store or online. They are convenient and easy to take. Make sure they are of the highest quality so your dog receives proper nutrition.

Baking Soda. This is one of the best ways to keep your dog’s ears clean.

This is also a handy dandy home treatment for how to clean dachshund ears. Simply wet the dog’s ears with water then let the ear soak in the baking soda for a few minutes. The soda will absorb any excess oils and dirt and thus keeping your dog’s ears fresh and clean.


This treatment is recommended every four to six weeks depending on how often your dog gets baths. Use a mild unscented dog shampoo, such as Dr. Mac’s, and rub the ears thoroughly. You may also want to try an anti-bacterial ointment after every bath to keep bacteria from irritating your dog’s ears. Repeat once a month to prevent excessive dryness.

Insects and Lice Prevention.

This is one of the most frequent problems faced by dachshund owners. Dogs are extremely prone to lice and especially to black-legged breeds. An excellent, inexpensive way to treat this problem is to give your dog a treatment that includes an insect repellent.

Treating Loss of Ears.

If your dog has experienced an ear infection, there will probably be some loss of smell around the ear. To treat this, you will need to obtain a clove of garlic or onions and rub the bulb inside the ear twice a day until the infection clears up. You can then apply Aloe Vera gel to the cleaned area every night. To treat your dachshund ears and keep their ears healthy, you should give your dog a garlic bulb twice a week.

These are just a few tips for how to clean dachshund ears properly. It takes a bit of time and effort, but your dog will thank you when his bad breath disappears. Do your dachshund dogs a favor and treat them right. They’ll reward you with loyalty and enjoyment.

Many other products are available on the market to help you understand how to clean dachshund ears properly.

You may find that these are too harsh for your dog. In that case, use a natural remedy that is made especially for dogs with sensitive, over-stimulated ears. You can also give your pet a homeopathic spray or topically applied treatment once per day.

A more gentle yet effective method on how to clean dachshund ears is to gently blow air into the ears at least six times per hour. Use your finger to blow air in through the nose and into the ear. This will stimulate the cells present in the outer, middle, and inner ear. It will also reduce inflammation.

Many people have problems when it comes to how to clean dachshund ears properly. They think that bathing the animal every day is sufficient. While this is true, you need to bathe your dog at least once a week. The frequency of bathing will depend on how well your pup is shedding his hair. If he is not shedding regularly, then you should certainly bathe him more often.

Although some people think that how to clean dachshund ears would be a simple task, if you have dachshund pups you will know that this is far from the truth.

If you are not aware, pups are extremely stubborn creatures. If you haven’t given them any type of training, they will not only keep on doing their business inside your house, but they will also keep on bothering you as well. However, if you make sure that your pup knows that you mean business and that you have the power to get him help when he does something wrong, then you will have absolutely no problem when it comes to how to clean dachshund ears properly.

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