How Much Does A Yorkie Terrier Cost

How Much Does A Yorkie Terrier Cost

How Much Does a Yorkie Terrier Cost?

How Much Does A Yorkie Terrier Cost? This is often asked by many people who are thinking about getting a Yorkie puppy, or by purebred breeders who want to sell a purebred Yorkie pup.

The cost of a Yorkshire terrier can vary greatly depending on the breed, the shelter where the pup was born, its mother’s milk and age at death, and even the quality of care the pup received when it was young. Knowing these things will help you in planning how much a Yorkie Terrier will cost as you look for a Yorkshire terrier pup to adopt. Here is a rough guideline of costs.


A Yorkie breeder may adopt a purebred puppy from his own litter, or he might buy a pup from another source. In either case, you must be certain that you are going to get a purebred Yorkie pup and not some Chihuahua or a Maltese.

Most purebred Yorkie breeders are also owners of purebred Poodles, which is one of the most popular purebreds today. Check with the breeder to find out how he buys his pups. If you are going to pay a premium, you might as well choose a purebred Yorkie.


A purebred Yorkie Terrier may be sold by a pet store, or by a breeder who belongs to an official breed organization such as the Yorkies Club or the Kennel Club. Many official breed organizations will sell pups and puppies at cost because they need to pay to have the names of the purebreds trademarked.

This way, they can control the breeding of the dogs and so can keep their genetic stock purebred. You should always ask how much the breeder is charging for his Yorkie’s because you don’t want to end up with a Yorkie pup that has been bred at a puppy mill.


Sometimes, you will be able to find how much a Yorkie terrier costs from a private owner. Often, this is the only way to buy a Yorkie because breeders who want to move their purebred into show status or show standards often sell them in private circumstances.

It might cost quite a bit of money, but it will definitely be worth it when your terrier becomes a show winner or a celebrity. This also ensures that your own Yorkie will be true to the breed and not get lost in the millions of others who are all over the world trying to breed a show Yorkie.


A good breeder will allow you to purchase your Yorkie from him in the traditional method. You will be able to see the pup before you purchase him, so you will know exactly what he should weigh. This cost is generally around fifty dollars for a female and around seventy for a male.

However, there will be shipping charges added to this price, which can be well worth it if you are ordering a purebred from a reputable source. Even if the cost seems steep, it will be well worth it when your Yorkie comes in strong and beautiful.


There are many breeders online today who offer how much does a Yorkie terrier cost, but be careful of those who seem to be out to prey on pet owners. Real legitimate breeders who have been in the business for years are not going to offer to ship their dogs anywhere from anywhere.

When you have a legitimate company offering how much does a Yorkie terrier cost, you can look at their entire website to find more information about the dog, including the history. It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of looking for your new pup and forget to check out what you’re getting.


If you’re interested in purchasing how much does a Yorkie terrier cost, look for a reputable breeder. A good breeder is going to have a website where you can go to see the dogs in person before making your purchase, and they aren’t going to offer to ship the pup anywhere from anywhere.

There will be plenty of time for that once you get your new pup home! A reputable breeder will also answer any questions you may have and keep you in the loop about the overall health of the Yorkie terrier, which can be very important depending on the breed.

How much does a Yorkie terrier cost depends on several factors?

It really depends on how many purebred Yorkies there are, and on the quality of those breeders. Purebred Yorkies are a dime a dozen these days, so it’s important to make sure that you choose a reputable source.

Your local pet store may not have the purebreds in stock, but there are other options. Checking out how much does a Yorkie terrier costs can be easy when you use the tips above, and talk to your local veterinarian.

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