How Much Does A French Mastiff Cost

How Much Does A French Mastiff Cost

How Much Does a French Mastiff Cost?

Mastiffs are an ideal pet and make great additions to any family. They have rich, regal origins in France and look strikingly like the French king Louis XIV. However, it is not a small wonder that they are popular around the world. Mastiffs are great companions for kids and are also known to be protective of children. But for big families or those with more than 2 children, they have often been considered a luxury. So, how much does a French mastiff cost?

When you are thinking about how much does a French mastiff costs, the main consideration is the price per pup. You might need to consider other factors, such as grooming costs when compared to a non-breed show dog. Also, when you compare to other breeds, like a German shepherd or a boxer, the cost will rise dramatically. The good news is, that costs have come down dramatically since the 1980’s when the breed became fashionable. But the question remains… how much can you really afford to spend on a puppy?

First of all, you should know that there are three different sizes of dogs…

. the miniature which are between two to three months old, a medium which is four to six months old, and large which is seven months old or older. You can choose between the mentioned sizes and then build your puppy’s personality around these size classifications. French mastiffs make wonderful family pets and very good watchdogs. They have great stamina and excellent control. Their powerful size makes them a challenge to subdue but with the proper training, they can easily take on a bigger challenge.

As far as personality goes, they are pretty easy to train and are affectionate by nature. They get along well with children and other pets and very rarely have any behavior problems. The cost of a puppy, especially a medium-sized dog, generally starts at $700 in most cases and goes up from there.

The cost of raising the puppy itself is another question that often gets asked.

The majority of puppies cost anywhere from ten to fifteen hundred dollars before they reach what is considered a working level. However, most medium-sized dogs reach the working stage before their first year. The cost of raising the puppy is almost always covered by the breeder.

Breeders are one of the cheapest sources for puppies. The pure breeds are generally more expensive than the mixed breeds and all breeders are the cheapest source besides pet stores. If your budget is dictating the type of dog you are looking for, look for AKC breeders and pet stores for good deals on French mastiffs. The purebred puppies tend to cost a bit more but they will be full of character and will last longer.

Once you know the average price for a purebred dog you need to find a responsible breeder to buy your pup from or adapt.

You can look in the classifieds in your local paper for ads for Dogue de Bordeaux puppy mills. Once you find an ad you like you need to make sure it is legitimate and ask lots of questions about the history of the dog and the owner. Make sure they are not a new pulp mill and ask plenty of questions as a reputable breeder is going to be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Now that you know how much does a French Mastiff costs it is time to find a breeder to buy from. It is important to make sure they are licensed and that they have healthy dogs so you do not pass away in your French Mastiff’s arms.

Some people believe that Frenchies have short lifespans but the truth is no matter how big or small your puppy is there is always potential medical costs.

This may cause financial problems for you if your puppy needs treatment for any health conditions in the future. You should always have your vet check your potential puppy’s health before agreeing to buy from an individual or an organization. Your breeder will always help you with potential medical costs.

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