House Breaking A Dachshund

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House Breaking A Dachshund

House Breaking a Dachshund

Housebreaking a Dachshund is an easy task when you know what you are doing. However, it can get very tedious if you have not had a chance to train your dog properly before. Breaking bad habits in dogs is not as hard as people make it seem. It just takes a little education, patience, and dog training techniques.

Housebreaking your dog starts with obedience training. First of all, you must remember that the purpose of dog training is not to make your dog is perfect. Training should help you understand your dog better so you can relate to him or her better. You should concentrate on giving your dog positive feedback and praise rather than punishing them if they do something wrong. This makes for a more secure relationship between you and your dog.

Before you begin housebreaking your Dachshund, you should determine what exactly you want your dog to do.

The purpose is to have your dog understand what is expected of him or her. You should have a set time each day that you will work with your dog to obey the command to “sit” or to “come”. You can set up this daily routine once you have trained your dog completely. Be sure to be consistent and stick to it.

The next step in dog training is potty training. Your dog should always be given the right place to take potty after it has defecated. Never allow them to leave the room without taking out the litter box first.

You may want to start leash training your dog as soon as possible.

You should start with the leash around your dog’s waist. Once you have reached a good level of bonding with your dog you can then take it to other locations. Make sure that you always take your dog outside to go potty. You don’t want them running off with other dogs!

You must never scold your dog for doing something wrong. A scolding will only make the situation worse. A firm “no” should be the end of it. This way your dog will know that they have to obey your command if they want to get praise from you.

It is very important to remember that a dog is a pack animal.

If you want to housebreak your Dachshund successfully you must show them who is the pack leader. You must take control and show them what they are to do at every command.

These are some great tips on housebreaking a Dachshund. Remember that a dog is very smart and eager to please you. They also love to learn new things. With a little effort and lots of praise, your Dachshund can be one very happy dog.

To begin with, take your dog for daily potty training. Your dog must know where they should go to the bathroom. Never leave them in the house when you are away. Once they understand that you will be home during the day then they will stop trying to avoid you, or going inside by themselves.

You should also take your dog for daily obedience training.

There are many tricks to teach that include sitting, stay, and heel. Once they understand what is expected of them, this will make training them much easier. The more you practice the less you will have to worry about your dog getting into trouble. Breaking a dog of this nature into two different dogs, a house dog, and a playful dog will help reduce the behavior problem dramatically.

Never hit your dog. Never use physical force to take your dog to the bathroom. Never grab your dog by the scruff or yell at them. This will only serve to build up aggression towards humans. If you follow these tips diligently then the dog will quickly learn that there is no reason to be aggressive towards people.

Remember that a dog is an animal that requires a certain amount of discipline. If you are too lenient with them then they will become violent towards other animals or people. It’s a good idea to take a registered trainer from your local pet store. These people can not only help you with any behavioral problems but can also help you train your dog. Training your dog should be fun for both of you.


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