Great Dane Videos

Great Dane Videos

Watch Great Dane Videos Online to Learn How to Train Your Dane

When you search for Great Dane videos on the Internet you will be amazed at the variety of great videos there are. This is due in part to the popularity of this breed in recent years. They are also known as the “Therapy Dogs” due to their ability to comfort and help those who are emotionally disturbed. Many different things make these dogs so great. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that make them so popular today.

Living Conditions: Great Danes does fine in a standard apartment provided that they have enough room for exercise.

They don’t need to be walked as often as other breeds due to their low activity levels, but they still need to be around other animals to keep their boredom at bay. They are very rarely active indoors and actually prefer a large fenced-in yard to be alone.

In this manner, they will have time to run and play with their family. It is important to remember that training Danes is more than just playing fetch with your balls and it should include training for basic obedience skills such as sitting, staying, and walking as well as agility training.

Gender: Female Danes are larger in build and are considered to be physically stronger than the male version.

The male Danes weigh four pounds and between twenty-five and thirty-three inches in height with a tail length of seven inches. The male Danes are much larger in build but because they are not as powerful as they may have health problems that can be corrected during regular checkups.

It is important to keep in mind that because Danes are known as working dogs it is extremely important to work with them regularly through exercise and professional training. These Danes are great pets because they are loving and will give you many years of enjoyment.

Health Issues: Because Danes are a working breed there can be many health issues that can arise from such a strong, muscular strain of a dog.

Because the Danes are typically bigger than the average-sized dog they are at risk for back problems, hip problems, shoulder problems, knee problems, neck, and head problems as well as other types of disorders such as epilepsy and kidney disease.

While these are risks that come with any breed, it is especially concerning to have a working breed develop problems as a result of training. As a result, working with your male Dane and learning how to train him properly is an essential part of owning a well-developed and socially functional dane.

Training Your D Dane: There are many training danes available on the market today, but none are like the Gentle Leader Dogs.

This is because these danes are a cross between a toy dane and an English bulldog and were bred specifically to be obedient. The owners that developed these types of danes wanted to create a companion that was gentle and loving but still had the power to protect its master by using its size, strength, and the leash it wears to walk its master in and out trouble.

They wanted their dog to learn and master both tasks simultaneously, which led them to build these dogs with tight muscles, short hair, and a powerful drive. In this Great Dane video, you will see how training your danes begins by understanding their temperament and motivation so that you can take each trait separately and work them into a cohesive training program.

The most common problem that arises when training your dane is boredom.

While these dogs love to please their owners they are also very sensitive to boredom. So before your start your training regimen to make sure you find toys that your danes enjoy playing with. A quick Internet search for danes and their favorite toys should yield some great results. Once you find toys that your danes like take the time to play with them regularly and keep them involved in your training sessions. It is important to remain consistent with your dog’s training because if you give one training session that you must repeat that training every time the danes show up at the door.

A major problem that many new dog owners run into when training danes is that they can become frustrated when their danes don’t do what they want right away. If you want your danes to be obedient then you must maintain their compliance every step of the way. The key to training your danes effectively is to use positive reinforcement.

Try not to yell or scream at your dog when he doesn’t execute a command properly.

By yelling you will only set him up for confusion and frustration. Instead, you should use praise or a treat to get your dog’s attention. Positive reinforcement will help you maintain your dog’s training faster. The Great Dane video mentioned earlier should have given you a good idea of how you can integrate positive training into your daily dane training routine.

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