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Great Dane Rescue Austin

Adopting a Great Dane Puppy From a Local Rescue

There are many great things about adopting a Great Dane puppy from a local rescue. Adoption fees are considerably lower than those of breeders or pet stores. Rescue dogs have already had a veterinarian checkup, are up to date on all vaccinations, and are usually spayed or neutered. Adopting a puppy from a rescue can also be an easier transition than buying a pet from a breeder.

Although a giant dog, the Great Dane enjoys being around people. When interacting with people, a Great Dane will lean towards the owner for more attention. Though these dogs are friendly and easy to handle, they can still knock over small children. Therefore, you will need to supervise your children when around the dog. A great way to ensure that your puppy is happy and healthy is to enroll him in a puppy obedience class.

The BISSELL Pet Foundation has awarded White Kisses Great Dane Rescue a $3500 grant to help the organization save more lives by promoting neutering. This prevents unwanted litter and helps reduce the homeless animal population. The grant also helps Great Dane rescue organizations save the lives of stray dogs and cats. They are committed to saving these animals by helping them find loving homes. The BISSELL Pet Foundation has awarded dozens of grants to pet shelters across the country, including White Kisses Great Dane Rescue in Austin.

The AKC recognizes seven official colors for Great Danes.

If you notice your Great Dane puppy’s coat has white spots, it could be an indication of a problem. A dog with white spots can be blind or deaf. However, there are other concerns when it comes to white Great Danes. For these reasons, it is best to seek help for a Great Dane puppy from a shelter.

Adopting a Great Dane puppy is easy – the first step is to find a foster dog. Adoption fees for Great Dane puppies are generally low, and they can be adopted by Austin area families or individuals. There are many benefits to adopting a puppy from a rescue center. They are courageous and even-tempered. You may find one that matches your personality. The Great Dane Rescue Austin team can provide support as you start your new pet’s life.


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