Great Dane Puppies Massachusetts

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Great Dane Puppies Massachusetts

Great Dane Puppies Massachusetts

If you are interested in purchasing a Great Dane, you may be wondering where to find the best great dane puppy breeders in Massachusetts. Bev and her husband, Bernie, have been breeding and showing Great Danes since the 1970s and are now located in Boston, Massachusetts. Bev’s first Dane, a harlequin male, was the inspiration for establishing her kennel. Doogan, her second, was a breed ambassador and did well with other dogs, people, and other animals. His kind nature inspired Bev to start a breeding program.

Good pet for a family

As a dog breed, the Great Dane stands between 26-34 inches at the shoulder and weighs from one hundred to two hundred pounds. These dogs are friendly and eager to please but may be difficult to control when they are older. Great Danes are more expensive than small dogs, so expect to spend more money on food, collars, and veterinary care. You’ll also need a large crate that can hold the entire dog comfortably. A Great Dane can be a good pet for a family but is not for everyone. It’s best for experienced dog owners with plenty of time to dedicate to training and socializing.

Sensitive and gentle dogs,

Great Danes are very sensitive and gentle dogs, but don’t let their delicate nature fool you. They are not outdoor dogs and can’t be left alone for long periods. Always supervise your pet as they are extremely sensitive, and may accidentally sit on a cat. They can also be dangerous around children and can’t be left alone for long periods. However, if you’re the owner of a Great Dane puppy in Massachusetts, it is worth the expense.


If you’re thinking about buying a Great Dane puppy in Massachusetts, make sure to find a breeder who offers a health guarantee. A health guarantee from a breeder is a big plus, and PuppySpot is a great resource for finding a Great Dane puppy. GCDA’s breeders are carefully screened, and you’ll likely find a healthy, happy Great Dane.

American Kennel Club

The Great Dane originated in Germany, and German fanciers were the first to recognize the breed as a separate breed. The breed was quickly adopted, however, and by the 1880s, the dog became the fourth breed recognized by the American Kennel Club. As with any dog, owning a Great Dane will require a significant amount of commitment. A Great Dane can be an amazing companion for many years, but if you aren’t ready to invest in one, you can look elsewhere.

The pet-friendly environment is a big plus for pet owners.

Massachusetts has some of the best laws in the United States in terms of animal welfare. It has high animal rights laws that address issues like abuse and neglect. A veterinarian must report any animal abuse and can face felony charges. There are also good samaritan laws that protect citizens who save a dog that’s stuck in a car. The animal-friendly atmosphere in Massachusetts makes it an excellent place for Great Dane puppies to live.


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