Golden Retriever Rescue Cleveland Ohio

Golden Retriever Rescue Cleveland Ohio

Adopt a Golden From Golden Retriever Rescue Cleveland Ohio

In 1992, volunteers at Golden Retriever Rescue Cleveland Ohio realized that many Folders were being euthanized. The rescue service has since branched out into many other cities, providing veterinary care to dogs in need and adoption opportunities. Their goal is to find forever homes for every dog they save. The rescue service’s website contains tons of information about Goldens and dog care, including behavioral training, and adoption events that are held regularly.

The process of adopting a dog through GRRAND is quite rigorous. Prospective adopters must pass home checks, identity verification, and interview to ensure they can properly care for the dog. However, adoptions for Goldens in Ohio are in high demand. These dogs are popular among Covid workers and work-from-home workers. You can adopt a golden from a rescue in Ohio. You will be glad you did!

Surrenders for goldens often post ads in local groups to find new homes for their beloved pets. Their reasons for surrendering include job, home, or family change. Perhaps a new puppy has caused conflicts between family members. Another way to find a new golden is to contact golden clubs in your city. Members of the groups may be aware of people who have to surrender their dogs. Contacting these groups can help you find the perfect golden for your family.

La Muth has been adopted by a foster family and enjoys the company of three other Golden brothers.

The fur siblings can be seen on the far left of the picture. La Muth has also been trained. His mom, who is a school social worker, hopes that he can become a Therapy Dog. He is currently in training for this job, so he is in good hands. In the meantime, you can help him become a therapy dog!

Goldens are loving, affectionate dogs who require lots of exercises. They can be destructive if they are not kept stimulated. If you can’t give them enough attention, you can easily adopt a Golden Retriever from a Golden Retriever rescue in Cleveland Ohio. However, this breed requires a lot of attention. A Golden needs a large yard to run, so if you can’t provide it, this breed is not for you.

Volunteers at Golden Retriever Rescue Cleveland Ohio have devoted their lives to finding permanent homes for the dogs they rescue.

These volunteers save dogs from euthanasia and give them obedience lessons and behavioral intervention. Adoption processes are thorough, including a home visit and interview with Golden Retriever rescue staff. They will work with you to find a home for your new best friend. So, what are you waiting for? Consider adopting a Golden today!

The Greater Louisville Golden Retriever Club, founded in 1994, saw the need for a group to help the dogs in local shelters. They worked to meet these dogs with adoption resources and potential families, and over the past four years, they have rescued and rehomed more than 5,000 dogs. Although they are technically located in Kentucky, the Golden Retriever Rescue and Adoption of Needy Dogs primarily serves the Ohio area.

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