German Shepherd Rescue Orange County Ca

German Shepherd Rescue Orange County Ca

German Shepherd Rescue Orange County Ca

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The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is a volunteer-driven, 501(c)(3) organization. They take in German shepherds in need of a new home due to life changes, including death, injury, and puppy mills. All of the dogs at GSROC receive complete medical care and training when necessary. They are compassionate, professional, and committed to helping dogs in need. They help dogs find loving homes in Orange County and beyond.

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is located at Riverside Avenue in Newport Beach, CA, 4.2 miles away from the beach. They also provide care for owner-relinquished animals. Among their services: sheltering animals for temporary care and temporary housing. Some animals may be adopted or surrendered to them. You may also be able to find additional services through this rescue. They accept both dogs and cats in their care.

Gia was rescued from a high-kill shelter in California. The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County rescued Gia, a five-year-old German shepherd. Gia is extremely bright and aware of her surroundings. She enjoys predictability and order. She’s not a fan of small dogs, but gets along well with other large dogs and enjoys squeaky toys. You can apply to adopt Gia by filling out an application. The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County will contact you with further information on this wonderful dog.

Adopting a German Shepherd can be an exciting and rewarding experience for the entire family.

If you’re not quite ready to adopt, consider volunteering for a German Shepherd rescue or fostering. The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, CA, has foster dogs available for adoption. You’ll be helping the breed and putting a loving family together for a lifetime. While there’s no right or wrong way to adopt a German Shepherd, you can find out more about the breed by visiting a German Shepherd rescue in your area.

Another great option for adopting a German Shepherd is Greater California German Shepherd Rescue. While this organization doesn’t have a facility of its own, it works with foster homes in Orange County and surrounding areas to find suitable homes for dogs. They also do not accept stray German Shepherds; they only work with legitimate owners. Typically, you can view the German Shepherd’s medical history and previous history. They also hold monthly adoption days and community events.

If you can’t train a German Shepherd, you might want to consider another breed. While these dogs are highly intelligent, they need mental stimulation, so they don’t couch potatoes. You will need to exercise them frequently or you’ll be forced to buy shoes and furniture that they chew on. You should be prepared to spend hours walking, hiking, and playing with them, as they have a high energy level.

Juliet, a young German Shepherd, was abandoned in a shelter and rescued by German Shepherd Rescue Orange County.

She was a bit scared and had no manners, but professional dog trainers worked with her and helped her gain confidence and self-confidence. Her sweet nature makes her an easy candidate for adoption. Though she is still in need of a stable home and training, she is sweet and playful and gets along well with other large, friendly dogs.

When adopting a German Shepherd, remember that all dogs at the shelter have been spayed or neutered, heartworm tested, and had flea and tick treatments. As a nonprofit organization, the adoption fee helps pay for all aspects of rescue, including veterinary care, food, and transportation to foster homes. The money is also used for training. All dogs are microchipped. Fortunately, these dogs are generally healthy and well-behaved.

The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is a wonderful place to adopt a German Shepherd. While they have wonderful dogs in need of forever homes, there are also many problems with the organization’s management. The head of the organization has a history of sweeping issues under the carpet and treating dogs badly. In addition, he did not give much attention to the welfare of the dogs. In addition, he has not tended to their medical needs, which meant that they were not getting the proper care they needed.