German Shepherd Rescue Oklahoma

German Shepherd Rescue OklahomaGerman Shepherd Rescue Oklahoma

German Shepherd Rescue Oklahoma

The mission of German Shepherd Rescue Oklahoma is to provide quality German Shepherd Dog care and services to the communities it serves. As such, all dogs are spayed or neutered and have age-appropriate vaccinations, heartworm testing, microchip, and flea and tick treatment. Adoption fees cover all aspects of rescue work, including routine preventative health care, transportation to foster homes, veterinary visits, and training. In addition, your adoption fee also covers food, medical care, and training costs for the dog.

The German Shepherd has a noble character. It is considered a territorial dog and can exhibit overprotectiveness toward strangers. Although the breed can survive in any environment, it needs plenty of space to exercise and play daily. Its dense, woolly fur and long legs require ample space to exercise, but they are known for being highly active and playful. They spend half their daily routine doing activities. They are often referred to as rescue dogs because of their steadfast nature and willingness to help people.


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