German Shepherd Obedience School

German Shepherd Obedience School

German Shepherd Obedience School

If you are thinking of getting a German Shepherd puppy then it will be a wise decision to enroll in a German Shepherd obedience school as soon as possible.

The German Shepherd is a very large, muscular dog with an extremely well-developed bone and well-defined muscular framework. This makes the German Shepherd extremely strong and sturdy which, when combined with their intelligence makes them highly trainable.

The German Shepherd has some characteristics of large, powerful dogs.

They are incredibly intelligent and eager to learn. Their training puppies can range from eight to eleven weeks old. Most German Shepherd training puppies start at approximately eight weeks of age. These dogs are not suitable for homes with smaller children as they can become jealous and possessive towards older dogs.

Potty training your German Shepherd is easier if you begin when they are still young. When dogs are young, they are more apt to use their instincts to relieve themselves rather than resort to “shooting” them or the inappropriate “potty” command. It’s best to start your potty training puppies immediately after they have been spayed or neutered.

When they are still young and still in the stage of learning about their body and what they want in terms of potty breaks, you can begin to teach them the “to do” command by having them sit down in the designated potty area and then giving them the command to “go.”

You must take your time when you’re potty training your puppy.

While most dogs go straight to the designated bathroom area when called, some don’t. Your German Shepherd puppy needs to see an adult make sure they understand why they need to go.

When an older dog has already made use of the designated potty area, this will help them remember what to do there. A potty break can be as simple as sitting on the floor next to the door or your lap while you guide your older dog into the bathroom.

Some dogs have more powerful wills than others. If your German Shepherd puppy potty training method works with a stubborn older dog, a trained German Shepherd will likely have a similar attitude.

You may find that your pet will go straight to the bathroom instead of taking the stairs.

In addition, some dogs have a “do-it-all” personality, which can cause many problems. They will find any excuse to potty inside the house and this can lead to a serious problem.

You need to realize that it takes longer to potty train older dogs. They may take twice as long as a younger dog when it comes to learning how to “hold it.” Most importantly, do not punish your German Shepherd for going potty. You are setting up a bad habit. You want to establish a positive relationship by using praise and treats.

A good idea is to find a professional German Shepherd dog trainer who specializes in potty training older dogs.

Crate training is one of the best ways to potty train older dogs. If your puppy has never been crate trained before, crate training is not the best option. Instead, you should opt for an obedience class, to begin with.

One important note: Always praise your puppy for going potty outside. Your German Shepherd puppy may feel excited, but they will also get a bit confused because they don’t understand why they aren’t allowed to use the bathroom in the house.

Don’t give in to them. Rather, make sure you firmly tell them that they can’t have the bathroom until they learn to sit on the potty seat. Your German Shepherd puppy may feel uncomfortable initially, but if you work with them, you will have a well-trained dog.

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