German Shepherd Doodle

German Shepherd Doodle

German Shepherd Doodle

Your German Shepherd’s doodle can become quite a popular topic of conversation. When you want to bond with your dog and make him feel special, making him a part of the family is an excellent idea.

When a dog is neutered and starts showing his/her friendly personality, the old “canine bulldog” stereotype is restored. If your German Shepherd is not yet an adult, consider that it can take years for a German Shepherd to develop a high level of confidence. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself stroking his face, looking at his doodle, and giving him a kiss. He may not know what hit him, but you know he will appreciate your efforts.

You can encourage your German Shepherd to show his doodle by offering treats. You can also play with the doodle by giving him a toy to play with. These simple steps can really help you get to know your German Shepherd’s personality.

I suggest that you get your new dog from a good breeder that has a healthy temperament. There are also those that have been breeding dogs for a long time. To avoid problems with anxiety or aggression in the future, you should ask for a pedigree certificate.

Get your dog to some obedience training classes if you can. You might be surprised at how well they work with dogs of all ages. They can help you train your dog to obey your commands and even help him/her in some areas of health care and general training. You don’t have to leave all your decisions up to the trained German Shepherd; you can also choose to make decisions on your own.

Remember that you are in charge of your dog. He/she may act like a puppy around the family members, but you still are the alpha male. Use this fact to your advantage when deciding which treats you will give him and which actions you will give him the benefit of doing.

Puppies are more eager to please. When a German Shepherd pup is young, he/she will not only let you know about its feelings but will also follow your lead. If you feel that he/she is acting out of line, the best thing to do is correct it.

Does your German Shepherd doodle mean that your relationship is growing closer? Do you see your German Shepherd having fun and playing with his/her doodle? If you have seen these signs, then you definitely have a great German Shepherd that you can share it with!

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