Furreal Friends Pug Puppy

My Experience With My Real Friends Pug Puppy

My new friend, my funeral best friend, the Pug puppy named Makino, is going to be one very special pet. I am so excited and thrilled. I want to call her Makino, but she has not accepted that yet. We have had a lot of close calls about this and I have suggested names and we have tried a few and they did not sound right, although I do not think that is because she likes the names, maybe just because they are not what she originally wanted or liked.

So, I am just going to name her Makino and continue with the introductions. My new friend has been with us for two months now and during this time we have had more than a few nights spent together enjoying each other’s company and making new friends. We have been taking her along on several visits to the vet and she has had many encounters with the vet technicians and staff as well. She is doing great, I have to tell you. I cannot wait until she is fully grown and can take on the responsibilities that our dog has and that everyone will know who she is instead of the cute little puppy we started with.

As you may have guessed, Makino is my best friend in the whole world.

I cannot explain how much we mean to each other and how much we love one another. I have taken her to meet some of her favorite people and her responses to them have always been warm and friendly and it shows me that this person really does care about her FurReal friends. Someone who takes the time to care about others and loves them for who they are is a true friend to me.

My fur friend is only two months old and already learning to walk on her hind legs and get around on her front legs, which are a bit longer than her back legs. The day I took her to meet the family that will be adopting her was one of the most exciting days of my life. I was nervous but excited all at the same time because I knew I had found a new fur friend and I wanted her to meet her new family too.

We went over to their home, which is located on a large estate with multiple rooms and a huge open area. We were greeted by a very nice and welcoming family that were very happy to welcome us and take care of us. It was such a wonderful feeling to know that someone cares so much for us and loves us as people before we get to know anyone. We chatted with the other family members and they seemed very excited to see our fur baby and were asking all sorts of questions about her likes and interests. They spent a while getting to know us and then they said they were going to get her toys from their local pet store and asked us if we would like the family to take her over for tea that afternoon.

We were all so excited because this is when we have our fun times at home – Furreal Friends Pug Puppy

Makino and I have been pampered with the cutest little silky pajamas and even had a manicure and pedicure done while we were there. We couldn’t wait to see her and the Pug puppy get together. As soon as we arrived we put out the welcome mat and the two girls were immediately looking at each other and greeting each other. We were all very happy and excited to see our cute little fur friend. When we took her over to her new home, we all tried to pet her and talk to her but she was too focused on her new family and didn’t pay much attention to us.

About an hour later we tried again to get her attention and when we did she came running over to us and jumped right in our laps. She looked so adorable and when we got up we all had a good laugh and started to play with her. The Pug puppy seemed to be the most active one and ran around most of the day playing with her siblings. The older pup seemed to be more interested in playing with the water and didn’t really pay much attention to us. One night she stayed with us and went into the bathroom but returned after we went to sleep.

She is still in training and hasn’t lost her love of water and all the other things that FURREAL friends can do. We all enjoy spending time with them and seeing them have fun. Even though the Pug is only 6 months old now, she is already growing faster than most girls her age. When we take her out in public she will probably be jumping by next year. This little girl is full of energy and looks like she will have many more years of happiness ahead of her.