Famous Jack Russell Terrier

Famous Jack Russell Terrier

All About the Famous Jack Russell Terrier

The famous Jack Russell Terrier isn’t a misnomer, but rather, is actually a cross between the Australian Terrier and the Jack Russell Terrier dog. The result is an extremely lovable pooch with a lot of personalities to create a delightful, energetic dog for any household. Jack Russell Terriers were originally bred in Australia and from there have been gaining fans all over the world. One of the most intriguing things about them is that they can be very intelligent dogs, with some even exhibiting precognition and other intelligent traits. They are also very active and a perfect choice for a dog who enjoys a lot of exercises.

The Jack Russell Terrier was developed as a hunting dog back in Scotland, hence its name. They were used for such things as catching game, tracking along with herding sheep. They developed a lot of skills for hunting and were used as a hunting companion for centuries until the sport became obsolete. Now, they are mostly used as a therapy dog, being given the job of comforting people who suffer from arthritis and similar ailments. This is quite an unusual job for a pooch, considering most dogs are used as show dogs for hunting displays or as affectionate lap dogs.

Being intelligent dogs, Jack Russell Terriers should be given ample time to socialize and interact with other animals and humans, both to satisfy their natural desire for excitement and to help alleviate some of their behavior problems.

Because they are highly intelligent, they tend to be fearful of potential threats, especially if those threats are unknown. Jack Russell Terriers should always be kept leashed and under control at all times, to minimize the possibility of injury. This type of therapy dog requires constant, intelligent attention and should not be neglected when they need it.

Many owners choose a Jack Russell for their new family pet because they are extremely friendly, easy to train, gentle with a mild temperament, and extremely loyal. They are very intelligent dogs that love to spend time with their owner and want to please them. Jack Russell terriers make very good pets because they are extremely adept at grooming, although they do require daily grooming to keep up their appearance and keep their coats shiny and silky. They are very active and a joy to watch because of their quick movements. Due to their playful nature, they can get into mischief, but this trait is what makes them so popular as pets, being friendly and well behaved.

While the traits listed above are almost universally found in jack Russell terrier parent breeds, these traits are especially prevalent in certain lines.

The most famous of these traits is the eagerness to please their owners. Jack Russells is eager to learn tricks because they love to experience all sorts of different things. This eagerness can sometimes get them into trouble though, as they are sometimes considered dangerous because they are likely to snap, especially if they are not trained properly.

Another trait common to both the male and female jack Russell terriers is the tendency to be somewhat overweight. If you have chosen to get a Jack Russell, you should not be concerned about its weight, as they are typically only three to five pounds overweight. This weight is normal for your pet, but you should never expect your canine companion to become obese because of how they were bred. They were intended to be lean and compact, and it is in fact rare for them to become over-fat.

Your jack terrier pup should never be allowed to become overweight because it will eventually lead to health problems and a shortened life span.

You should carefully monitor your dog’s weight, and you should also invest in dog food that contains plenty of fiber, protein, and vegetables. Fiber and protein are particularly important because they will help your dog to burn off excess fat, and vegetables are also essential in providing your dog with vital vitamins and minerals.

The most outstanding characteristic of the famous jack Russell terrier is its extraordinary pooch’s ability to sense danger. These dogs are extremely alert, and they have the incredible ability to hear just about everything at two miles per second. Their hearing is so powerful that they have even been known to sense narcotics and drugs! They have excellent noses for locating anything that might be hidden, and their eyesight is so acute that they are capable of seeing in the dark. All in all, these dogs make great pets, even more so than the much-desirable shar-pei or the pit bull.

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