English Chocolate Labrador

English Chocolate Labrador

English Chocolate Labrador

The English Chocolate Labrador Retriever

There are many ways to show love and care for your pet Labrador Retriever, but none compare to adopting an English Chocolate Labrador from the Humane Society of the United States or the ADLS. English Labradors have won multiple awards for their obedience, temperament, and intelligence. They are also known for their beauty and grace, and they make wonderful additions to any family. To learn more about adopting an English Labrador, contact the Humane Society of the United States or the ADLS.

English Labradors have three common color patterns: black, tan, and white. The cost of a purebred English Labrador Retriever will be higher than most other Labradors because of its genetic makeup and the high cost of breeding. Since the American Kennel Club only approves of a breeding population of dogs that have a solid conformation and good temperament, most English Labradors fall into this category.

Because these dogs are so desirable, breeders pass on high costs to the buyer. Even though the American Kennel Club only approves of a very small percentage of breeding families producing highly prolific show champions, every single non-winner is treated as if he or she were one of the world’s best dogs and costs thousands of dollars less per puppy than it would cost to raise them in the proper conditions.

If your goal is to buy an English chocolate Labrador puppy, you should research the different breeds available so that you know what traits to look for in a potential puppy.

You should also keep in mind that they have been bred down from the original breeding standards so there will be many differences between them. These differences in quality will impact the cost of the puppies as well. It should be easy to tell genuine English Labradors from those who are not because they are clearly bigger and more muscular. The temperament test that the AKC offers will score dogs on both of these tests.

Another difference between the English and the chocolate lab is that their coats are naturally darker in color. This is something that the AKC does not like and the result is often a very light brindle or white coat. However, you can expect these darker colors to be woolly for the first month or two and then more manageable. After that, they will grow out of that appearance and develop a much-desired chocolate coat. Many times the dog with the lighter colored coat will become overly stressed because of the weight and cannot keep a proper body shape and this leads to health problems.

Even though many people think of these puppies as being a good choice for show dogs, the truth is that they make great pets and companions. They need lots of attention and exercise and if you are not able to provide this for your dog, it is better to select another breed. English chocolate Labradors tends to be very intelligent and can learn new things very quickly, so they should be an interesting pet to have.

Some of the other traits of the English chocolate Labradors include how stable they are, gentle with children, and very respectful.

They also make very good watchdogs and do not bark much. If you are interested in purchasing puppies, there are some different types including the following: viz., white, black, teal, gold, silver, platinum, and the color blue. These puppies are available at many different pet stores and various classifieds.

However, it is important to note that the AKC does not allow registration for some dogs which includes the chocolate Labradors. In this regard, it is worth noting that the Labradors are one of the few breeds that have been categorized separately from the show line Labradors. On the other hand, there are numerous differences between the registered and the non-registered breeds. In fact, some labs which have been registered have had their pedigrees revoked due to violations of breeding regulations. The registered Labradors are allowed to participate in certain competitions and seminars whereas the non-registered Labradors cannot.

English chocolate Labradors have been tested by experts in Australia and they have proven that they possess the above-mentioned traits. However, there are a few variations that have been discovered in these dogs like the fact that they are slightly different in size. They also differ in appearance and temperament. Therefore, before buying these dogs from a reputable breeder, you need to ensure that they are registered and that they possess the above-mentioned traits. This is because the chocolate Labrador retriever is a very popular breed and is in high demand despite its slightly different physical structure.