Dachshund Snuggle Sacks

Dachshund Snuggle Sacks

How to Train Your Dachshund to Sleep in a Snuggle Sack

One of the best ways to keep your Dachshund comfortable is by giving him his own dog bed. Snuggle sacks provide comfort and enrichment for your pup. The padded sack is a safe and cozy place for your dog to curl up. They’re also very comfortable for your little one to sleep on, so he’ll love their snuggle sack.

Once your dog has settled down, reward him by taking him out of bed and giving him a treat. If you have a stash of treats on a bedside table, you can easily hand it to your pup when he settles down. Once you get back to your bed, walk your dog back to your bed and repeat the “settle down” command to ensure he’ll stay in the sack.

When your dog has settled down, praise him with a treat. When your pup settles down, take him out of the bed and give him a reward. Leave a treat stash by your bedside table and walk him back to his bed. Repetition of the command will reinforce the behavior. Once he’s gotten a treat, reward him with the same command. He’ll likely be happy to sleep in the sack.

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